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I don't think they are less interested in actually owning a car and many women drive today but when it comes to the mechanics of a car it definitely seems to be a man's world. There are women mechanics about but very few and it would seem that a car mechanic job still  seems to appeal to a man. Maybe it is the fact that it is a messy job and at times heavy,

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That was quite some time ago.Nowadays almost all the independent ladies own cars.From where I come from, those days, ladies used to have that mentality that they are weak persons and all they could so perfectly was being house wives. Ladies weren't even taken to school and their role was to be taught how to be house wives and how to do house chores.

Am glad that that error is over and ladies can own money and fully depend on themselves.Actually, with this err, most of the ladies are dreaming of owning their cars one day.
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By saying 'interested in cars', do you mean to say buying a car or driving a car? Anyway, the reasons may be varied from their own personal choice to family compulsions. More so, in a male dominated society, every female may be having her own reason for not having as well as not driving a car. Still, we can see many woman driving cars. 
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I think that's not true. Females are also interested in cars. My girlfriend has a dream car and I have seen a lot of women owning cars. So I can comfortably say women are also interested in owning cars and besides they also have a preference. Some women have gone to an extent of even mastering car spare parts. Such women in case their car breaks down they can sort themselves or ask for very little assistance.
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I love my car and have changed it almost yearly. If you mean why don't we know so much about the mechanical side I think that's because it has always been men that were encouraged to work in garages perhaps because it is a bit of an oily job or maybe some of the things they have to do are heavy.

I only know one girl that did a mechanics course at college and she left because she didn't like it. My partner works on his own cars and replaces many of the parts although he's never worked as a mechanic. Men just seem to be more interested in how cars work.
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I wouldn't agree with this at all. When I was younger my grandfather owned a garage. I loved to work in the garage with him and my father. I enjoyed working on the cars and especially fixing the engines. My grandfather raced cars and this was the highlight of my weekends going to the race track to see if our car won the race. 

There are some women who can't stand to get their hands dirty. I would say that they wouldn't be interested in cars or what is even wrong with them. They just drive the car and take it in to have it serviced if one of the indicators comes on. These are the women who don't have any idea about a car at all. They don't even understand it is necessary to check their oil or water to make sure the engine is fine. 
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I would love to have a car. I am not excited about it, but I would love to have a car and will use it as a service in my future business. I don't know how to drive. I don't have time to enroll in a driving lesson because I don't have a car at present. My choice to have a car is only for business purposes. Learning how to drive is my second plan. I also do not have a garage at home at present and don't have money to start to buy a car, but still I would love to have one in the future. Some might says they don't like cars because they choose something else. In my country, having a car would only benefit to a car salesman but not in the road. 
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I doubt that. Or let put it in the right perspective, why is it that younger females are less interested in cars than their males? It sounds better now, right? During the developmental years of females, they are not bothered about the good things of life including cars, but as they become grown ups, things would change as they are now more interested in those things they once overlooked.

But as a male, when I was quite younger, me and peers usually go stand by the roadside to spectate exotic cars that are passing. As time went by, I became less interested in material things, as I focus more on the spiritual part of my life. Same can be same for most guys that  they not really that too conscious about things of the world.

Back to the matter up for discourse, the female folks are more interested in cars than the males. That's why they can't resist a guy with a car. They are moved by sight of a car especially when a guy offer to give them a lift.

In today's society, it is very evident that the females are more into cars as you'd barely see a working class lady that doesn't have a car.
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I don't think this is a fact or the statistics of females in this category will be very low but in as much as a car is generally for mobility, I believe females now and those yet to come will really be interested maybe not to the extent demanded by the males counterpart. I see a lot of females in .my family desired to have a car,my partner inclusive so my conclusion might be on the positive.

Well women or females might not be Keen on having cars because they sometimes believed a man should do the providing including getting a family car for the home,so women might focus more on buying domestic appliances and household equipment than buying a car but this doesn't necessarily means they don't need or desire a car but it an issue of this should be done by the man.
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I would agree with this that women are more less likely to be interested in cars. I have seen most men's are having a good sports car, nice expensive cars than women. Even myself I can see I have less interested in cars. But, I like to have one just for personal use. It is very rarely to see a woman driving in a fancy car, most are men even old guy. I don't want to offend anyone but it is true, men are more ambitious in life and they work hard to earn what they want in life. They are more likely to take a risk than mos women. I saw an old grandpa living in our street, he was driving his car with heads up high showing he was so proud of his car with no roof at it. I don't know what car that is called, but the one that the roof can be off and on. I really don't mind if people having those fancy expensive cars.
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Because they love clothes and boys and money a lot more than they love cars but I actually know a lot of girls who love cars and dream of many fancy and nice cars.
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