We struggle in exam and we did some mistakes in exams so i need to know what are the some usefull tips to avoid those mistakes.
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  • Study as much as possible beforehand but give yourself breaks in between so you don’t burn out.
  • Create a calm environment for yourself to concentrate on studying.
  • Let family or friends ask you questions on your exam topics and you answer back out loud.
  • Do practice tests.
  • Look at your previous mistakes or your weakest spots and try to improve them.
  • Eat, keep hydrated, and sleep well.
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Looking at your previous mistakes and striving to correct them sometimes is a good idea indeed.
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Most people think there are tricks for someone to pass the exam ,but the truth is you don't need anything else rather than your brain and in order for you to use your brain to pass is to be organized and study hard before your test ,studying hard barely ever fails .So study hard .
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I think eating healthy, sleeping early, reading your summary notes and note books . Engage in groups discussion for topics you don't understand consult with your teachers and your peers who better understand the topics 
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I think you should get a lot of sleep just before you go to do your exam

That's will help you to focus and to remember the information that you studied earlier
Good luck with your exam Xoxo
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