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It can be deeply frustrating when you wake up early in the morning to finish typing an assignment only for the computer to develop boot-up issues. However, a simple diagnostic check may help solve this problem. This includes:

1. Checking the power outlet to confirm that it is working properly. This can be easily done by plugging in a different electronic appliance, such as a radio, into the same outlet to see if it turns on.

2. Checking the power cables to ensure that they are firmly plugged in and do not have any deep cuts or discontinuities.

3.Taking a closer look at the power supply switch should be the next logical step. This switch is usually located at the back of the computer. Ensure that it is on the "1" mark.

4. If all of the above fails, you may want to consider disconnecting any new piece of hardware.

5. Finally, opening up the computer to check if the power button and power connectors are firmly in place may be necessary.
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Checking the power cables isn't mostly the cause beacause power cables are concerned with charging not the computer starting. Except if it is out of power.
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You can fix it by simply always making sure you shut down properly every time you finish using it because when shut down poorly at times it makes it hard for it to restart am talking from experience. You can also visit a computer store for more help. It is always advised to consult a specialist before tampering with things and making them worse.
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