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I noticed that my mobile phone is heating up while using a protective cover for safety. Is that can damage or reduce the performance of my phone?
related to an answer for: Can phone blast while charging?

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Yes, true, especially if you live in a hot place or like to leave ur phone in "closed" places such as your pocket or purse.

If you live in a hot place or like to use your phone while it charges it is always a great idea to remove it from the case.

This is not a problem, in fact it is common with every single gadget. If you use it too much it gets hot. Now imagine having something that can get hot covered with an extra layer of plastic/rubber etc? It will definietly overheat.

Pay extra attention if you are a heavy user and use impact cases (those with layers of plastic and rubber together).

If your phone overheats often you will be "frying" its components inside. The same goes for the engine of a car, if it overheats you will have issues.

So the answer is yes, you can damage your phone if using a case the wrong way :)
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There are some causes of blast damage and people have investigated the major causes of blast damage. Here is why a phone will explode.

  1. The most common reason a cell phone will explode is when a person uses this to make calls when the phone is charging. When a phone charges it puts unwanted pressure on a motherboard. Then when you use the phone it increases the pressure on the motherboard.
  2. Some mobile manufacturers use very cheap electronic components and also batteries. This will cause a phone to blast or explode during charging. 
  3. Call bombing is the third know reason a cell phone will explode or blast. This happens when an international number continues to call your phone during charging. If a person receives or calls one of these numbers back and it exceeds a certain time, the phone will blast or explode. 
  4. In a few Android-based phones they have found a virus or malware in the motherboard of the phone. The malware on the phone will cause extra pressure on the motherboard when charging. If you decide to use the phone when charging this increase the pressure on the motherboard and it will blast.  
  5. Phone blast has only been isolated to cheap cell phones and batteries. Therefore, if you own a cheap cellphone it is recommended that the time you charge the phone that you don't receive calls or disconnect the charger while talking on the phone. 
  6. A cheap battery in a cell phone can cause the phone to blast. There is more than one report that a child has played a game while charging a cheap cell phone and the phone has exploded in their hand. 
Using a cover on a cheap cell phone might or might not cause blast damage. If you've purchased a cheap cell phone for a few hundred dollars it is best to remove the cheap cover during charging. You don't want to add any extra pressure to the motherboard that is absolutely necessary. The cheap batteries that are used in some cellphones are the major cause of blast damage and not the cover. 

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