Best Skin Care Treatment in California,USA
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Our skin, hair, body are our pride so we have to take care of them properly. Only then we look great. I will tell you tips to take care of your skin. These tips are approved by the Dermatologist.

1. Use the best cleanser according to your skin type.

2. Don't use too many skincare products all at once.

3. Moisturize your skin both day and night.

4. Don't touch your face to avoid bacteria spreading which cause scarring and wrinkles.

5. Hydrate your skin inside and outside.

6. Avoid direct heat exposure

7. Vitamins should go on your skin, too.

8. Maintain a healthy diet for glowing skin.

9. Wash your makeup brush daily.

10. Wear sunscreen every day if its rain or shine.

11. Sleep at least 7-8 hours for healthy skin.
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Eat nutritious diet, cleanse your face with the appropriate facial cleanser, avoid too much scrubbing. Also use sugar moderately to avoid premature wrinkles and opt for wearing sunscreen in the sun. 
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