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Long distance relationships in marriages can cause rifts because of mistrust. there is the loneliness aspect to it that can cripple someone. This can easily cause either of the partners to cheat just to have comfort and take away that lonely feeling which can cot you your marriage. That's usually the biggest risk.

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Dealing with long distance relationships isn't that easy and i wouldn't recommend even if you're married.

First there must be cheating, you cannot trust anyone 100% especially living in different countries. In fact, men are good in that and you cannot be guaranteed that someone will stay for over 6 months till they go back home.

There will always be quarrels especially if there's no communication. The other person wouldn't want to know if you've been busy offline.A long distance relationship needs communication like twice or thrice a day.

In case you have kids, the kids will miss you.Kids always need parents to be around them most of the times and they'll grow up knowing maybe mom loves us more than dad because she's always there for me.
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I had a friend who dated a boy when they were very young. It didn't work out and they both went on to marry different people but the marriages failed. Years later they got in touch again. He was living in the USA and she lived in the UK. They decided to give it another go and while they were flying backwards and forwards it worked out very well so he decided to come back to the UK to be with her.

Unfortunately once they lived together they quickly drifted apart and he moved out of their home. This is a case where it was exciting when they didn't see each other all the time but became boring when they did. I think in general it's the separation that kills the relationship but not in this case, it was the other way round.
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Married people staying away from each other in different countries? No I wouldn't recommend that. Long distance relationship intact let's just say distant relationship has never worked. There are temptations on the way, loneliness and missing each other for long. Such challenges may lead to cheating or even love may slowly fade a way.
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Usually when you are in love with someone, you always want to be with that person, you'll miss them. Hence the major problem is distance. 

Communication isn't much of a  problem these days since the advent of technology. Only the difference in time zone. Work hours for you might be sleeping time for them. 

When you genuinely love someone, you'll be able to deal with the loneliness and physical absence until you meet again. A lot of couples are in a working long distance relationship. Communication and understanding is key. 

Some couples that sleep on the same bed every night don't even communicate their hearts, problems, passion and desires as some in a long distance relationship. Everything can work if you try. 
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I believe you are talking about long distance relationships in marriage. This is a tricky situation for sure. It will take a strong couple to go through this kind of arrangement successfully. This are relationships that need trust. If you know you have trust issues its better not to go that direction. This is especially for women, they  don't feel very comfortable having their husbands away from them foe a long time without them being there. In fact a week is enough time for a woman to become insecure and suspicious with everything. But trust and the love that you feel for one another can take you far. There is the aspect of loneliness that will make someone do stuff that will not go well in the marriage. We all know what happens when loneliness sets in we become vulnerable and thats when cheating comes in. Communication breakdown especially if either partner has a lot to do in terms of work,  maybe you are in a place where there is no adequate network so you cannot speak to your spouse the way should there will be issues there. Financial constrains will also be there, and this can be very strenious, making certain decisions regarding the family will also be a problem especially if its about the children or an investment those are some of the things that need both parents to be together so that they can all be at the same level with the decision they make otherwise no decisons will be made. And delays can cost you big time.
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I have been in a situation like this and from my experience the first thing is always loneliness. Marriage is about two people coming together,living together and bringing up kids together but when they are apart, of course loneliness sets in.

Distance sometimes hinder communicator, communication can only be done through other means than face to face and when once it isn't face to face then it becomes a huge problem.

If children are involved they will be left at the mercy of one parents which is not suppose to be so.Children are meant to live with both parents.

There's duplication of purchases which leads to diminishing of the family income. Two different homes and maybe buying of same things to run the two homes.
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It so obvious that there would be that feelings of them missing themselves. It is pretty hard to be apart as a couple living in the same country, talk more of couples living in different countries. There is high risk of either one of them to be tempted to be unfaithful because humans operate with what they see around them.
Definitely, it would only take self discipline and self control to ward off the temptation of cheating by one of the spouse on the other. However, if the love between them is strong enough to withstand the storm of being apart, they can pull through such moments of temptation. Loneliness or distance is not enough reason to cheat in relationship especially if the love is pure and selfless.

I know it might not be easy but with genuine love nothing is impossible. Although they might be at the mercy of yielding to the desires of looking for companionship in another's arm, but once they remember the wonderful memorable times they shared, they can hold on to them until they see each other again.
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One leads to being unfaithful. From what I observe, the husband will get weak and find some outlet. They become sad after not seeing their wife. There are lots of women everywhere so they can meet someone that fit their standard, much more, if the woman they meet is more beautiful that their wife and open to relationship, that is where the problem will all begun. It is sad that relationship, little by little, is wrecking and having lots of problem because of distance. With distance, one may not see each other. One might lie just to hide what they are doing. One will apply instinct on this level, became jealous and the conflict starts when one is telling lie. Mostly men lies to hide their being unfaithful. To make it worst, one will decide to move on to the relationship without the other one being aware/
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