Watch this video t know the skillset and salaries of project managers vs product managers

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The Project Manager is responsible for breaking down strategic plans into actionable, task-oriented initiatives. This process involves coordination, delegation, and leadership as the project manager must navigate interdependencies, team dynamic and one-off challenges, all while meeting a deadline with limited resources.

The Product Manager will first set a vision for the product(based on research), then communicate that vision throughout the organization. Throughout this process, the product manager attempts to persuade executives and other stakeholders to become passionate about the planned product. If successful, the product manager will develop a strategic action plan to help the organization bring the envisioned product to reality.

The product manager will begin breaking the strategic level plans down into actionable tasks, goals, teams and deadlines. 
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Without going deeper into the topic I think the project manager is meant for the coordination and managing, leadership of the project and in my point of view he is even over the product manager. While the product manager is mostly concentrated on the products welfare and taking care of it and preserving it through research and continuous efforts to improve it. 
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Product is a certain items being sold in a certain company for exchange of many eg chocolate, sweet, etc while project is a development of a company or setting up an organization like for example kids for life kenya 
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