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Kids are actively growing and hence need alot of protein foods for their growth. 

The morning can start with milk, corn flakes and low fat sausage. 

Snack can be stepped carrot with wholemeal bread and fresh fruit juice. 

Dinner provide stewed chicken,  boiled rice on butter , and fried cabbages. 
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The meal plan was great, a well balanced diet plan with all necessary nutrient included. Kids should have enough water in between too.
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Whether it stems from concerns about picky eating, the worry that they’re consuming too much junk food, or just supporting their growing body, many parents share a sense that their child is not eating as well as they could. Sometimes they have good reason to think this, but not always.

When trying to get a balanced view, it’s important to remember that the same rules that apply to adult nutrition also apply to children, but with different caloric requirementsTrusted Source
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The easiest diet plan is to keep the kiddies eating healthy foods. There is nothing wrong if making creative in cooking veggies meals and fruits for dessert.
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Kids meal should includes vitamin c ,D,A and protein rich too food items. Orange,lemon,kiwi,meat and fruits.milk is essential too.
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prepare it for them: 

Monday- Egg, vegetables, Milk

Tuesday - Cereals with vegetables

Wednesday - egg with vegetables and fruits

Thursday - Meat with vegetables

Friday- Milk, egg, cereals 

Saturday- Vegetables, fruits and milk, cereals

Sunday - Meat with vegetables and fruits 
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