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To warm up food in a microwave after it has been cooked would be to use the microwave mode and not the grilling mode. There are a few microwaves that are made now that allow you to grill or cook food in the oven. Even though there are specially made pans that you can now use in a microwave oven to cook food in, I don't think the food taste the same. I tried to cook a chicken breast one time in a microwave because the oven on our stove was not working. The truth, it was not the same at all and seemed to taste a bit funny to me.

I normally will only heat something up in a microwave if I'm in a hurry. I don't really like food that is cooked this way. I know people who will swear by them and cook almost all their food in the microwave oven. I would rather use a hot air cooker or even a convection oven. I find the food taste better this way. 
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If you are using microwave oven you just heat up your food at high power at micro mode especially if the food is made up of wet ingredients. You must use grill mode if your food is made from frying, toasted, or something from grilled food or dry food. If you use the micro move in toasted or fried chicken for example, it will become chewy or dense it would not be the same after all. If you use grill mode in soap base food, it might harden your food. So, use it base on the food you want to heat up. Base for soap  base really is on top of the plated oven and put it in a pot to heat it up. For pasta made food, use micro mode when heating it up from 1 minute up to half a minute. ifyou heat it up more than it would be hotter, you don't want your food to be hotter before you eat it.

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