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Exercise can be said to be bad for your health when it has unintended consequences for you body. And this can be noticed especially when the exercise no longer serve the purpose it was meant for. For examples, you can become extremely tired when you over exercise which would have a negative effect on your ability to recover from it. 

Exercise it said to be over done when it becomes excessive. And when it becomes excessive, there is tendency for it to wear and tear your muscles. And if time of recovery is not taken into consideration before embarking on another round of exercise, it could be counterproductive.
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Exercising is good for over all health,but anything too much is not good. It is like food if you eat too much and your body cannot absorb it anymore, it will make you throw up. Just like exercise, too much make your muscle burned and cannot function properly.

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I wouldn't actually say too much exercising is bad for your health. Everyone needs some exercise in their daily life. It is best if you have a routine so that you work all the muscle groups in your body. A balanced exercise program is actually good for your health. 

The only time exercise could be bad for your health is when you are doing the exercises incorrectly. You could be putting too much strain on your back which isn't good for it at all. This can cause back injury. If you want to start a weight lifting program it is best to get an experienced weightlifter to help you out in the beginning. They can teach you the correct ways to use the weights so you don't damage or tear muscles in your body. 

Working on just one muscle group isn't good for your body. You need to break up your routing. You will need to exercise on one muscle group one day, walk the next, take a break, then go back and work on a different muscle group. Break up the walking with jogging or even riding a bike. Make sure you give your body 2 days a week to relax otherwise you can do some damage to your muscles or even your back.

I would speak to a coach and have them help you set up a good exercise program to follow. This way you won't over exercise some muscle groups and neglect others. They can teach you the correct way to perform the exercises so that you don't hurt yourself. 
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I agree with you that exercising should be balanced as that is the only way that one can get to enjoy a better benefits through training. 
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Exercises are usually meant to take less minutes like 30 minutes and at most one hours. Exercising more than two hours daily becomes overexercising.Also certain kinds of exercising like those of marathon people may lead to overexercising since you'll be required to go for long distance running and other hard exercises.

Too much exercises can affect you either physically or psychologically.For instance exercising for long hours might make you feel thirsty meaning that you're undergoing dehydration and you need to take preventive measures.Also, you might find that your heart beat has risen and this is a sign of overtraining syndrome.

Psychologically, you might experience restless nights and you might not be able to have a peaceful sleep.Also you might feel fatigued and won't be able to concentrate on whatever you're doing.
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Exercise is very important for our health. As much as you may want to exercise remember that your body needs rest as well. Out of 24 hours a day a 3 hours exercise is enough depending with the weight of your exercise. If you are exercising for more than six hours then that's over exercising. The famous movie star in the mid 19 century Bruce Lee was allegedly killed by over exercising.
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Based from my experience, too much exercise will increase heart rate, like it will continue to pump. I am not sure if the experience is the same as others, but from my experience, my heart beat faster and I was too tired. I exercised for more than an hour. I mixed my cardio exercise with dancing and I really enjoyed it. After that, it decreased my energy and I was too tired, getting near of collapsing. I am glad that I exercised inside my room. 

Too much is when you do cardio for an hour. The typical is only for 15-30 minutes. You don't need to have a bucket of perspiration to stop and assume you lose lots of fats. Yes, you will lose lots of fats, but it will affect your energy. 

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