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When it comes to the fastest and simple growing business in the world right now, I would have to say fish farming is the best that we have at the moment. One thing that I have noticed about fish farming is that the demand for the product is quite high while the people that are selling them are not that much in number.
All you need to start the business is the knowledge which you can get from attending a training course in your locality or simply by researching about it on the internet. The reason I should say that attending a training is a better choice is simply because you are going to listen to people that have been successful in the business as you learn from the tips that can help you grow faster in the business. Another thing is that fish is what the doctors are recommending for old people and those that are having issues with eating meals that contain fatty acids. So, getting involved in this type of business will have higher returns than losses in the long run especially when you begin it in an area where it is needed as well.
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Businesses dealing with electronics especially gadgets. Almost everyone in the today's world need electronics in their homes and even for their own personal use.Take an instance of phones, laptops, tablets and iPads.People buy them very often in the today's world.

Also businesses dealing with food stuff is really doing well in the industry. Its because people are always eating and will not stop eating. The job is highly marketable if set in an environment where people tend to eat.The only problem is that these food stuff easily go to waste.
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The Fast Moving Consumer goods. This goods mainly consists of food stuffs, detergents, spices and so on. This goods moves gaster and are highly demanded. As a matter of facts they are basic wants and no human being can survive without them. I have seen such business growing so fast. As long as the entrepreneur put all his efforts, time and ability he maight grow very fast.
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I think the fastest growing business is the recharge card business. I read a review of how much people around the world spent on airtime to makes calls daily especially from the third world countries where WiFi isn't easily accessible for browsing. So people spend so much on recharge cards to make calls and also to browse the internet.

My younger one is into recharge cards retailing and he is doing so well because people buys cards per minutes and the business is gradually becoming a very big business. It seem people buy more recharge cards even more than food because people will always want to connect with friends and find out about one information or the another and again some people are addicted to browsing the internet and of course one need to buy and load a recharge card to be able to accessed the internet.

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