I am just being curious Im a newbie here. 
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I dont think so no. Im also a newbie here and ive been curious aswell. Ive noticed by reading through others answer u would see a similar question to your own and the answers are very helpful for us newbies. So i dont think there would be anything wrong with wanting to know more about this site.. Anyone feel free to correct me if im wrong plz. Ive been using this site for 4 days now so i havent made enough points to withdraw anything as yet. But ive read where other have. 
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Answeree is a question answer site where you answer questions to the best of your knowledge so that it can be of benefit to others. Yes its a legitimate site. 
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Yes , this site is legit and yes I have been paid from here . I a nearing my next payout , so happy that I found this site . I hope you reach yours too soon
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No, it is not against the rule to ask such a question. it is a legitimate site that pays you for your work. i have got the payment. All the best to you. 
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If it is not possible, the administrator will delete this. Now, I was able to see it. It means it is allowed to ask this question. Yes, I was able to have my payment here.
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No i don't think it is against the rules and the admin will not be angry with you, when i first entered the site i was also very curious and i wanted to know also
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