I was wondering if a lot of you here were against it. 
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AGAINST.... it is just wrong on a lot of levels. Man was made for woman. So life can continue. U put seeds in the hole in the ground u get trees or plants..... U cant put dirt and dirt and get anything fruitful nor seed and seed and get anything fruitful. Everyone and everything was made for their individual purpose. We humans are flesh lovers we love to do things how we plz and forget about what God wants/made us to do... No matter how scientist want to make 2 women or 2 men hav children it was not ment to be so... We just took it upon ourselves because we are rebelious and selfish people. If we just stick to nature and wat it right we would have less complications and sickness in the world . peace be on to all.
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I strongly agree with you..  But howcome some of the Priest tend to approve it? I know they're just being humble and stay not being judgemental but if they knew that it's wrong then why not do something about it.  They dont need to blend with what majority says they should stand according to what they are being thought especially from the  bible. 
Exactly if u are for God then stand for God. Because his words says come out from among them and be separated. We can show them their error but these preist are too worried about being liked.which is more valuable being liked or going to heaven? 
Am impressed with your point of view I didn't even know that scientist were trying that.
Very true in the bigining God created man and later he created woman so that a woman should depend on  him and Aman to depend on a woman. So how can Aman depend on Aman really or a woman depends on a woman. That is against God's law. 
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NO I am not. Because it doesn't make sense how someone would like to get married with a another man and favour homosexuality it jus isn't right!
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Not right at all. That's when you find a man and a man marriage for example, one is tempted to go and have female organs incorporated which means they undergo surgery but can't be like the women who are naturally created that way. It becomes a problem. I saw a certain firl showing many men and women regretting after going against the laws of nature 
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Love has no caste, sex, race or Colour. It is ok to love someone of who is of the same sex. At the end, love is love. Hence, i feel it is ok to marry someone of same sex. 
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Personally i don't like same sex relationship but legally it's all right. Everyone have their own choices . They are made by god that way only so we should respect their relationship.
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Yes i'm totally fine with same sex marriage. We are very smart now. I think all people have to do such things which give them happiness. We all are different personality. All people have their own thoughts. They have to do which make them happy.
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No one will get favour into the sex marriage. because marriage itself has some own respect and it has some beautiful and peaceful feeling which is not only related only one single factor called sex. marriage is elated to an understanding taking care of each other. so it is not good to favour a sex marriage.
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