Love  is something that makes you want to be with your partner. Living together before marriage is sometimes a choice.
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Biblically it's not right. But I am living with my partner at the moment and we're not married. The good thing about it is, we're getting to know each other better. When u live with someone u get to find out the type of person ur with and then u will know if u want to spend the rest of ur life with them. This will prevent divorce which we are strongly against. So in my opinion it's better to get to know u than marry u and regret it. Marriage is a life time thing not something to play around with. But again I repeat living together and not married is not right biblically. 
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Yes you are right. But again remember that not everyone reads the bible and is a Christian so some people may end up not noticing it.
Your right not every one knows about the bible but even in culture these things have been passed on from generations so its a practise. 
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 I wouldn't live with him before marriage. Love is there and mostly you yearn for each other but lets not forget the Bible is there guiding us. 

This is because, the Bible sees that as sin since you have not been permissioned to live as husband and wife. 
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It is your choice to live with your partner before marriage from which ever background you come from only you can know what is best for you. Living together is a way to learn about partner.
Nowadays this come we stay has brought so much pain and disrespect to the marriage institution. 

People are not taking it seriously no more. 
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Well it depends on someone's mindset and at times you find that some couples trust each other enough to start living with each other before getting married. In my case I think it would depend on the relationship between me and my partner and how long we've been together.
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Yes. To see if the relationship will last and is what you both want... something kind of like a 'test run' for the long term if you will.
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