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I know there are no rewards attached to asking questions on Answeree but they are just as important to keep this site running as the answers, Do you think we should be asking more questions?
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Now that even questions are paid an incentive of one cent, it is more likely that there will be flood of questions in the coming days.
I think there might be a cap on how many we can ask at one time because I tried to answer two close together and a notice came up to say I couldn't.
Definitely more questions should be asked on the site so that there would be corresponding answering of them. But I will suggest that not only asking questions but ensuring they are meaningful and not repeated cheap questions.
Yes, more questions should be asked but they have to be quality questions. And it like there is a monetary rewards attached to asking questions now unlike before.
Yes there should be more questions that are interesting and can be helpful to readers. At least 2 points should be given per questions
It is still helpful because it will help keep the site going.questions on the site brings more answers and this bring in more members.
Yes of course, it's very important to ask more questions on daily basis on the site Answeree because it's the only way to encourage conversation and make the forum lively. 
There are lots of questions on Andweree that has not been answered yet, maybe because they were difficult to answer and are no knowledge with it. I will ask a wuestion that possibly anyone can answer it.
yes most definitely, if questions were not being asked on this site it would loose it's meaning because that is the reason why it is running. maybe people are taking some time to get their schedules right and will soon be back.

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My opinion is we must ask questions by taking into account these rules.

1. Helpful to readers who search for this on the internet.

2. Questions must rank high in search result. (unique questions and unique answers)

3. Not only good questions but high-quality answers will bring more traffic to this site that can generate income to the site. 

4. If everyone knows the answer to a question, then what is the use of asking it here.

5. No matter whether questions easy or hard one, it must be useful to readers and traffic driving one. Don't worry, one day someone will answer your hard questions.

Note: After reading some people's answers, I understand that they write here just for making money from this site. Neither for reputation nor for badges. 
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@erina, When the site is making money through advertisements displayed on various locations of the site, what is wrong when people write here to earn some pocket money? In to day's scenario, who will spend their time and energy for free? And without any incentive for the time put in and the information or knowledge shared, what is the use of the so called 'reputation' and 'badges'? Will it get you a day job in the real world?
Do you think quora or any other site is paying for an answer (foolish answers) given by any members? I like this site because am getting satisfactory answers from some people in this forum. I just suggested my opinion. That's all.. 
@erina Do you meant to say 'quora's' answers are foolish answers and answeree's answers are clever answers and that is why 'answeree' is paying? Strange!
I have just read your answer and couldn't agree with you more. I hope more people will follow your advice and make sure that they ask a great question that has value. I also think that giving the best answer as possible to really help a person is so important. Too bad I can only give you one like, otherwise, I'd give you a lot more for this great answer. 
@answerow She doesn't mean quora's answers are foolish. She is pointing out that answeree is paying to foolish answers too. Nowadays too many answers are worthless especially some people writing something to meet the minimum character threshold. I wonder those people are using some machine to make it correct 300 characters. They are in a mindset 'I won't do anything more other than that getting me a penny'. Funny fellows I totally agree with Erina here. Good questions and high-quality answers are needed for keeping this community grow big. Anyway I am glad to see that the administrators here are well managed to keep the spam out of the system.
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Yes it can be such a great idea because for the last two days I have answered like 5 questions.The important thing is to keep the site active and going on.We cannot keep the site active if there are no questions to be answered.

The good thing is that there's no limit to the number of questions we can ask.We should therefore ask questions that are relevant and at least people can learn something from them.
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A good balance between asking and answering questions on this site is necessary. If people neglect to ask more question the site becomes dormant and there is no activity on the site at all. I know some people just like to ask questions and not answer them. I have asked some question that has never received an answer. I guess they are too complicated and people don't want to take the time to do a little bit of research.

I've noticed lately, people are just answering questions without even reading or understanding what a person has asked. I've seen a few comments from people who were irritated with the answers that were given and made a comment that this person shouldn't have answered the question if they had no idea what they were talking about. 

I should ask more question on the site, but the ones I normally ask aren't answered, or the answer has nothing to do what I've asked. I guess I need to be less technical in my questions and just try to ask ones that pertain to everyday life in general. These seem to be the ones that get the most attention on the site. 

Not only asking the questions, we also need to make sure that we select the best answer and at least give a like to the person who has answered the question. All of this is also important on this site. 
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I think we should be asking questions. Besides earning from answering, posting a question will help the site moving and be active. Also, this is your chance to ask questions about everything you did not know. For sure you will meet a person in here who has the knowledge and can explain certain things the right and simple way, like without even searching on search engines. If you ask me, I will take advantage of the site by asking specific things that I don't understand, to further understand. This site is very helpful if you will use it the right way.
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Yes. I urge members of this forum to keep asking as many questions as possible in order to keep this forum going. On the other hand I suggest the owners of answeree website to introduce a reward on asking questions rather than just answering questions to motivate members to ask more questions. It is my prayer that my suggestion will be approved.
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I have been following the Question that the site put up where we can ask all our question on this one post. In there they stated that this wasn't an earning site and that it is more of a reward for answering the questions on here. They are looking for people who are actually giving a good answer to the questions asked. After you request to join the rewards system they will view all of your answers on the site. This will determine if you are accepted or if you will just have the opportunity to answer the questions in the comment section. They are making changes on here and I really don't feel they will offer you money to ask a question. That wasn't the point of this site. 
On the contrary, some of us have invested our time and data working on this site. As we're working here, we're creating traffic for this site and admin gets some profit through our work.You should weigh both sides because the site is kicking because of the people working here.The little appreciation token that we get is to give us motivation to work on this site.
You might want to go and read the question that Answeree put up. If you have any questions to ask them there in the comments. If you read the comments from Answeree this is what they've said. This is a rewards site and not a site to milk it for all the money you can make answering questions. They want writers or people who can write a good comment and that can help a person out. 

That is why the rewards have changed on the site and all new writers need to ask to join the rewards program. One of their more recent comments had to do with how people were abusing the system and the answers they were written in poor quality English with many grammar and spelling errors. The site said in their comment that they were going to move some people off the rewards system and they could only give an answer in the comments. Please go back and read this post and the comments from Answeree. You will find out what I've said is true and it doesn't matter how much you feel the way you do this won't matter. 

The few answers you have supplied to the site doesn't create that much traffic on here. The site is working hard to improve the quality of comments and also posting now on social media accounts. They are doing the hard work to improve this site and draw the traffic here. 

I still work on another Q & A site that is no longer paying. If this site stopped paying, I'd still work on here. I know many people who wouldn't mind helping out if the site stopped paying. Would you stick around? I would. 
This site is now  paying for questions and replies (comments). 
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That's a good question or a good suggestion. People can ask questions only when they are in doubt or not sure of something. A small incentive of two or three cents will motivate people to ask too! As it is 'to ask' is easier than 'to answer'. Without any incentive no one may be ready to spend their time to simply 'ask'. 
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I am asking several questions here. Not only me but all those members here from older times were asking questions even without having any remuneration. Wwhenever I have a question in mind I will remember about Answeree. After all this is a place for asking and answering questions. Anything other than that is an extra bonus only. 
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As you said there is no reward for asking questions in Answeree. But It helps you to get the answer or suggestions. It helps to communicate with the people. It helps to gain knowledge. You can ask many questions as much as you can. But the should be never copied. 
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