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I invited a really good friend to go to visit my family. We had a great time when we were there, but when we came home she turned on me and no longer cared about me at all. Has this ever happened to you?
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It is normal. People change for no just reason. I have had so many experiences where a friend turned on me when I least expected it. A friend we used to go out together before suddenly changed after we had planned things we want to achieve in the future. That's why nothing is surprising to me. Whenever people change towards me all I do is to quickly adjust and adapt to the situation  and move on too.
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Yes. This can happen to anyone at anytime. I also had this experience back in college. I didn't know what I did wrong but suddenly my close friends became so distant. I did not bother to ask them why. I just accepted things as they are.

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Yes human beings can change anytime anywhere. And that's why I'll tell you never trust anyone. A friend also turned me down. I invited her to my sister's wedding. She promised to come and infact I talked to my sister and she was given roles to play but on that particular day she didn't show up and her phone was off. Two days later she gave a lame excuse that she had taken her friend for shopping.
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Yes, this happened to me twice.First, it started in campus, this bff of mine turned against me and took away my boyfriend. She'll always pretend to be good to me and whenever we had issues with my boyfriend, he would help me in solving them.I later on came to find out that she's been spying on me and investigating the people  am hanging out with then would go tell my boyfriend. It didn't last longer and my boyfriend dumped me.This is one hell of a betrayal I'll never forget in my life.

Then there's this friend of mine we used to share secrets.We actually shared everything including our family secrets.Later on after we had a misunderstanding, she turned against me.Instead of abusing me with my characters or what I possess, she abused me with my those things had told her about my family. This broke my heart and I cried bitterly. Since then I learnt a lesson, I'll never tell anyone about my family and issues that we're having, let them find out themselves how my family is like.

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