My partner has been working on another island for the past year. He comes back home for only 4 days a month. How would you deal with a relationship like this?
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Nobody gets in a relationship so they can stay apart from each other.  But life happens!  Love transcends.  Love is what life is all about.  Love doesn't recognize boundary lines.  If you love a person, your love doesn't disappear because there are miles in between.  Men go off to war and leave wives behind.  Should the wife stop loving her husband because there's a long distance between them?  What does distance have to do with true love?
Long distance relationships have its own ups and downs. And fortunately for me i have been able to experience the both. When i was in distance relationship what i looked forward was the missed feelings that goes with it. In all my distance relationship was well enhanced with constant communication via phone calls. There was this burning desire to meet the one i love again and i earnestly look forward to it because it brings this feeling of freshness into the relationship. I know it is not everyone that can maintain this kind of relationship.

It could be very hard to be far away from the one you love especially if you the type that feels insecure. My final take on the matter is that the both parties involve in the relationship should try as much as possible to trust one another because you cannot say you love someone and you don't trust the person. Love can't thrive in the absence of trust.
Staying in touch is the way forward. Use all means available to you to keep in touch. Try to call,text,chat,face time, Skype all the time.Visit him also even if it once monthly and have great time for him anytime he is around.
oLong distance is not easy as you think but as long as ypu trust each other and being open up, you can do it.
It isn't easy but it doable keeping the communication line open all the time is the way to go with long distance. Out of sight is becoming out of mind now. 

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I don't like long distance relationship at all. I hate it. As a matter of facts if it happens that my patner is going to be a way from me either for studies or work. I join her or she stays with me otherwise a long distance relationship has 99% chance of breaking. And I wouldn't want to waste my precious time waiting for someone who moved on long ago.In my case I don't prefer long distance relationship and in case situations force it to be I'll fight it.
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I guess no one like long distance relationship. But the situation forces to do it

Thanks for your answer.
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Distance does not matter if two hearts love each other. Maybe it's hard to be away from your partner but it's just a matter of trust and being faithful. Time will come that you will be together, but for now you both have to strive hard for your future, for your kids to have a better life. What's important is you keep in touch with each other, avoid temptations and always pray for each other. Others can not survive this kind of routine, but keep in mind that you will. It's just a will get through it.
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One way of handling long distance relationship is by calling and making out time to travel to see each other. Calling will help keep the connection till when you meet. Sometimes when you are busy, you can send text messages and call when less busy. Sending gifts too can help in keeping the affection alive. 
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Different people manage the long distance relationship differently. If you are into a relationship knowing that it would be a long distance one then you need to maintain that faith throughout and manage through video calls everyday if network is available. Also you both need to sit and discuss on how you are going to solve this situation in the future so that you can be more at ease and confident about your relationship. Generally it is about how to react to this situation rather than what it is. If you couldn't bear then it would become hard to maintain the long distance relationship. So it all depends on understanding each other and the trust that is gained through that understanding.
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Long distance relationships are quite hard to maintain due to lack of communication. But by understanding one can maintain long distance relationship. Understanding each other and communicate more for better understanding.
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