Imy mother used to dry pumpkin seeds and roast them for us. They were so tasty as she also said they were good for our health as kids. Have you ever tasted one? 
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YES, here in Philippines, there's a company who sell a seed of pumpkin all you need is to eat that thing and I miss it, but it's better if you're the one who cooked it. nailed it the taste!!
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Wow am glad, the pumpkin seeds are so tasty. Their tastes is almost the same as those of sun flower. You can enrich them also by roasting together with groundsnuts and take them together. So yummy 
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 Roasted pumpkin seeds have a mild charred flavor, making them a great base for seasonings .The texture after roasting is super crispy and crunchy. It'll definitely satisfy your crunchy snack cravings. It tastes best on various dishes. The mild crunchy flavor is significant. 
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