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One of the best tips which I'm going to offer you would be to delegate some work to other people and try not to do everything by yourself. 
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Stay stress free,remember it is your day and let other people work the job for you.

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Delegation. During the planning stages of a wedding, everyone has their idea and what should or should not be done. Normally families are the worst. They want to tell you how to do it. This is the hardest part to keep calm and try to please everyone. Well, this won't happen because it is your wedding and you need to be happy on the big day. Here are a few ideas to help make the planning successful and in the end make both sides of the family happy.

  1. Invite your parents and his over for dinner to talk about the wedding.
  2. Make a list of what you'd like each of them to do to help out.
  3. Let them know this is your day and this is what you really want and it would be great if they could help you make your dream wedding come true.
  4. If your mother wants to make the food you should ask his mother if she has any ideas as to what they should serve. Put the two mom's together to make the menu. This way they are both happy and in the end, it all works out for you.
  5. You can do the same with the flowers and the cake. But make sure you let them know that you have the final say so on what the cake should look like.
  6. Normally the father's won't be that much of a problem. They might want to deal with the music, where the wedding will take place or maybe the photographer. But normally they are easy going and just worrying about how much it will cost and to not go over budget. This might be your biggest problem. Making sure your ideas fit within your parent's budget. So you might have to make a few changes if both parents say that is way too expensive. 
  7. When you need help, ask. That is the best ways to stay calm. Ask one of your family members to help you out.
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For me first thing first, accept that you will get a whole lot of stress while planning and organizing your wedding. If you accept that there are things that are worst to happen, minutes before your wedding will begin, then you are preparing yourself for the worst. I cannot help you with saying keep calm and just get married, but I will tell you in times of stress, remember that a lot people experience stress during the wedding but they go over it, they accepted the challenge and the wedding happened. You will not go through it. Second, you need to not over think. Don't be negative. If you are planning your wedding, it is needed to feel positive so that everything will go into flow. The universe for sure will give you what you want to happen if you already pictured the wedding in your imagination
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It should be realized that events comes with it own stress and pains and a wedding isn't an exception. Things might go haywire and not as planned but the best bet is being calm and following everything through.

The sure bet is telling self I wouldn't gain anything by flaring up,throwing tantrums like a child or ranting over a silly mistake, when once we tell ourselves this obvious truth then we will be able to see mostly good even a seemly ugly or appalling situation.

Another thing is to have a positive mindset.Try to make good of any annoying situation, see how to salvage than boiling with anger and be more polite to all that tries to help and you will see the benefits of all that than just getting angry over even little disputes.
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Frome the experiences that i have come across from friends and relatives, i have come to the conclusion, if you want to have a wedding please have money set aside for it so that you don't have to depend on other people to plan the wedding for you.
The second thing is be sure of you want. Specifics are good do not put decisons on your family and friemds entirely, have a say in what you want, its your day, you make the decisions.
Be firm always, being too calm and too humble can mess you up. Am saying this because people will come up with all sorts of things and they will expect ypu to accepet what they want.

Always have a plan B just incase your original plan doesn't work. Have a wedding planner look around carefully and get one that is certified, that will ease the tension of having to move all over the place.
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Seriously, it's never easy at all when you are planning your own especially when you haven't helped out any friends of yours in the past to plan for his or her own wedding before it's your own time to plan for your own wedding. Sometimes, you are definitely going get so confused about even the simplest things which under a normal circumstances it wouldn't be any issue or problems for you to deal with at all.

From my experience with wedding planning, it's the wedding pressure that makes it horrible for anyone who is planning for his or her wedding. So, most times people who are supposed to plan for their wedding all choose the easy way out by contracting the wedding planning out and paying for it. They only have to seat back and make calls to know if everything has been put in place for the wedding.

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