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Have worked in several offline jobs and you find that some people are literally jealous of you for no serious reason.Not only offline but online as well and you fail understand why and yet you don't know each other at all.How do you cope with that?
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I must admit that it could really be frustrating to have people you have not offended to be hating or jealous of you. It is not strange at all because I have experienced it first hand in many places I have worked. Sadly, jealousy sprouts up when rumour mongers are at work. You would notice that someone you were once in good terms with has suddenly switched off on you. For me the best way I deal with them is by keeping them at arm length. And also make sure whatever they say or do don't get to me. If we ever have to work together as a team, I make sure I do my part efficiently without allowing them to sabotage my efforts.

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To be honest, I feel bad when there are people jealous of me.  This is for the reason that they do not understand how hard for me to reach a certain degree in life where I received lots of achievement. That it is not easy for me to get what I deserve. I already experienced that before. I do not understand where the jealousy came from but I still feel bad. They bashed me online because they started to hate me when I get online. I did not last long on that site. I did my best to reach out for them because I don't want to have hard feelings before I end my activity there, but up to the last day of stay, I felt bad. 

Jealous people are like those insecure people. They only look at what you achieved but they do not understand how hard for you to achieve it. They want whatever you have in the easiest possible way. If they cannot have it, they will start to make stories about you that will make you look bad. I feel sorry for them. I avoid them not because I am threaten but I avoid them because they are useless people. I just hope that some people will just use their jealousy as motivation to do great for their life and not focusing on one's life.
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I think jealousy is human nature. For some reason, it is part of all of us. No matter how hard you try to control this feeling it will come out from time to time. You will find people at work who are jealous of another person because they receive a promotion, they are skinny, everyone likes them, or for a million other reason. In cases like this, you must just move on and not let it bother you. I know it is hard to understand and cope with, but if you are a strong person then you can do this.

Just consider if the person is jealous of you then you must be doing something right and they can't do it. This should make you feel good or proud that you've achieved a promotion or was recommended for a special job. This person is jealous of you because they were asked. I have seen this for years and now I just think to myself, why be jealous, just try harder and work harder and next time it will be you.

You can always go up to this person and have a talk with them if it bothers you so much. Ask them what is wrong and what have you done to offend them to make them jealous of you. Try making friends with the person to understand them and see why they are jealous of you or others around you. That is the best way to deal with it. 

Jealousy is even in families. My mom was so jealous of the relationship my father and I had and how we did so much together. Now that one is crazy he was my dad. I just didn't do anything with my mom because she never wanted to do anything with us. My dad did. 

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If you are surrounded by jealous people in your workplace, dealing with them is simple. All you have to do is to keep your plans and your achievements to yourself. Of cause, some people wouldn't want to hear you have succeeded or made it in life. Such people don't disclose to them your achievements, promotions or even successful plans. Let them find out when it's too late.
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I have seen it in the workplace between different people especially when it came to two people wanting the same position. There was normally a little bad feeling after one was selected but it normally died down after a time. I must admit I have been jealous of people before but I try not to be because it is a negative emotion and can destroy friendships.

As regards online, people have upset me when I feel I am being unfairly judged.  I have quite a feisty nature and I know that it can make you want to take revenge but I think it's best not to, hard though it may be. Try to ignore what is going on because those feelings will eat you up.  Remember for every one person that may dislike you for whatever reason whether it be jealousy or something else, there are many more that do like you.
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