Growing up, we used to find guava plantations everywhere. They grow in the wield and we would enjoy this fruit so much. Given now with the health implications, do you think guavas cause constipation? 
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No its quite the opposite. Guavas promote healthy bowel movements. 1 guava can provide 12%of our daily intake of fiber. So guavas are good for us. 
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Thanks for the information many fear guavas with the implication that it causes constipation. And in fact I love guava juice so much! 
Your welcome. Guava is tastey and healthy  here in Jamaica we even use the guava to make jam.but yes guava juice is delicious 
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At times yes guavas can run tricks on your digestion if you take too many of them. If you are a love guavas I would suggest you take more of guava juice instead of eating guavas raw for an easier digestion.
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Yes I agree I prefer guava juice instead. Being kids it was a good adventure to go and search for the guavas in the wild forest. 

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