When asked when did you start singing? Pwole most of the time answer, I started when I was two. Do you think people sometimes exagerrate? image

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People with hyperthymesia, as it’s often called, can remember almost every little thing that happened to them over the course of their lives. So some yes.
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I guess I have it, am that kind of a person that remembers so much am not bragging or something, but I remember those old days while still young when I used to live with my grandmother I even thought she was my mum. There is this young lady who used to come and buy me lots of stuff clothes, shoes, sweets and I called her aunt. But granny one day said, no shes not your aunt, she's your mum. I was confused but they explained it to me. When I was in high school I reminded mom that incident she laughed and was perplexed on how I could remember so well
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This is a very interesting question. According to me, we cannot remember everything that happened in our life. A person only remembers significant events that took place in his life. He may remember moments of extreme happiness or sorrow. A person remembers events that changed his life completely. For example, I remember the day I scored 90 percent in my school exams. It was a very happy day for me. I also remember my last birthday when my father bought me a watch that I wanted for a really long time. These are the events that have significant important in my life and hence I remember them. 
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