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When building a new computer how much RAM can my motherboard support? I was given a copy of Windows 10 32GB to use in the computer. I know that the motherboard says that it can support up to 16GB of RAM. Will Windows 10 32GB support that much RAM or will it be a waste of money to buy that much RAM for the OS to run?

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Each and every motherboards have a maximum capacity of RAM ( random access memory ) that can be used. Then only way to check the maximum supported memory is to check the device manual or search on the motherboard company's website with the model number.

There are some more thing one must know before handling the memory on motherboards. If your board has a maximum capacity of 8GB RAM and there are 4 memory slots then each slot may have 2GB RAM each. You can also install two 4GB memory on 2 slots and may leave other 2 slots free. Anyway the maximum memory should be the maximum limit recommended in the board manual. And another question here is what happens if more RAM is installed? If more memory than the maximum limit is installed then either the system won't boot or the excess memory won't show up in the system OS. It depends on how the board handles the memory installed on each slots.

So the maximum RAM supported is nothing but the predefined maximum memory programmed by the manufacturer.
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Thanks for your replay. However, the question was how much memory can you add to a motherboard that is using Windows 10 32-bit IOS. There is no need to buy too much memory if Windows 10 32-bit can't support all the memory. Thanks anyhow for trying. 
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32 bit operating systems are supported only up to 4 GB RAM. More than that can't be used on a 32 bit system. That's why people were upgrading their system to 64 bit. 64 Bit systems can handle a very high RAM like more than 100 GB or 192 GB. 

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