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Windows 10 no longer supports Windows Live Mail and now comes with a Mail app that is worthless and has tons of issues. It was recommended by a friend to use MailBird in place of Windows Live Mail. I think it is horrible and need your opinion about this app. I am really considering to go back to Outlook 2010 but I did love Windows Live Mail and have used it for years. 

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Unfortunately I lived the same dilemma :( well, your points are exactly what I felt. Even though MailBird had a very good "hype" when I read about it using it is Just the opposite. It offers a whole bunch of new functions such as integration with apps but everything is Just a disaster. I mean it can do the basics so you have all your accounts in the same place but its interface and everything about it Just screams "move on". 

WLM was excellent, but I would rather go with Outlook 2010 or nothing at all. I basically moved to checking my every email account manually, because I was very irritated with MB. Microsoft seems to be destroying its every good thing (OSs, e-mail interface, Messenger was killed) and so on.

Só yes, I would rather have Outlook 1000 times rather than MB.

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