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I have many eBooks that I've written about various topics. The books are easily converted to a PDF file that can be downloaded. However, to display these books on a website or even Amazon to sell them you need a great looking book cover. I've found some online sites that allow you to do this but they are mostly premade designs. I tried Cover Action Pro an add-on for Photoshop and unless you are a Photoshop expert this can be a time-consuming way to go. Is there an alternative that is simple to use and a great way to create cover art for eBooks? Are there any programs that can be downloaded and installed on your computer that will allow you to do this and give you a great looking book cover that you can use on Amazon to sell your eBooks?

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My suggestion is freepik, you can find a lot of (thousands of) designs readily available and suitable for your book in any category. Most of them can download at free of cost. But you need some Basic knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator to edit the areas,change colors, add a custom field or image. Photoshop is very simple to use, a lot of tutorials are available on YouTube. If you have no idea about Photoshop, find a good designer in your locality or hire a designer from Envato market or Fiver (online). My suggestion is Envato.
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The images aren't my problem at all. I have already purchased all my images for what I need. I have way more images on my computer than I can already use. I normally buy disk art that is full of certain images I want and need. I have Photoshop and also cover Action Pro. My question was: Is there another program that can be downloaded and installed on a computer that will make BOOK COVER ART?

I have everything I need to illustrate the book covers now I need a simple, quick and easy way to make the book covers so they can go online. Furthermore, I don't need a designer. I just need a 3D program for book covers. I know how to do the work myself and no need to hire a person to do this simple task. Cover Action Pro Works but it is time consuming that is all. I just want a faster, simpler way to design my book covers. One that has the 3D books, binders, boxes, and CDs in it that you can easily use to add your own title, image, and authors name on it. 

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