Like me I really trust my mother since she  carried me in her womb for nine months and also raise me from my childhood until I grew up. 
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I trust my only biological daughter in my family.  Aside from being God - fearing, she is the flesh of my flesh and the blood of my blood.  I know that she will never forsake me.  She would defend me and care for me as I did to her while upbringing her.
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I trust my dad because he did what he promised to me but other family members do not did what they promised to me. My dad is really trustful.
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I trust my father the most. He has always been the biggest support in my life. Whenever I was in trouble, he guided me through difficult times. His motivation has always inspired me to do wonderful things in life. Whenever I am wrong, he corrects me and guides me towards the right path. He is my biggest motivation . My dad always says, don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. This never give up attitude is extremely important to achieve success if life. Thank you for everything dad! 
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I trust my family more than anyone else. I trust my spouse, my parents, siblings but there is always a limit to trust anybody. The most trustworthy is your god and your inner soul that will always guide you what to do and what not to do in any situation. Family support can definitely help you in taking right decision in your life. Remember one thing in your life, love yourself first then anything else. If you love yourself people will definitely love you, trust you and you can also trust others. Love yourself unconditionally and love others unconditionally. If you lead your life this way you will never ask this question with anyone. whom to trust.
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of course your family is nearest peoples in your live and you have to trust them than you friend because you can have and change your friends but you can not change your family
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with was my answer about having trust and i have been wrote for you above that comment 
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I trust my mother always because i know whatever might be the situation she will always be with me.

A mother kepts her baby in her womb for 9 months and then feed him for 6 months , faces many difficulties in upbringing her child but she never leaves her child in any situation.

So according to me i trust my mom more than anyone else in this entire world.
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I truly trust all my immediate family members. They are best of friends secondary to God. They are the ones who complete my support system.
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I trust my mum so much, she has not given up on me and she never will, she gives me good advice always, she is caring, love and kind soul, she is my world.
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For me i think I trust every one it determines the kind of circumstances the family are in, but in some circumstances I trust just a few people.
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