Some people barely have their two parents still alive , do you?
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Yes of course I still have both parents and I really cherish them and love them.they have sharpened me and makes me who I am and more so contributed alot for me.
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Yes I am very blessed that both my parents are still alive and well.  They are currently in their 60's.  Wouldn't trade them fir the world!
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Yes. Thank God for this. Even though they both live in different parts of the world i love them both and im glad they are still alive. 
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Yes, both of my parents still live with me. I love both of my mam and dad very much. My dad is 90 years old but my mam will celebrate her 70 years birthday on may 2021. We will enjoy together at their own home country.
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Yes, thank God my parents are alive. I live with them and take care of both of them, with my sister. They have lived a long life and have given to my sister and me the best of them, now is time to retribute them for all the love and care they gave us.
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