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IoT - At initial level devices like PC, Mobile and some handheld devices are connected to the internet, we got access to the internet only through this device. Things have changed many devices are automated through IoT. We can remotely control devices like AC, heaters, Refrigerators, cars and many more devices. IoT plays the major role in automation.

Automation is occupied not only in personal life, but it also made drastic changes in business level also. Mobile devices are at the peak of developing technologies. Taking this as an advantage the business process is totally changed.
Nowadays most of the people don't like to visit the store or shop to purchase the goods they want. E-commerce and mobile apps changed everything. No need to spet out of the door for purchasing. If you want to visualize the product whether it fits you or your place virtual reality and augmented reality does this job beautifully. Combining this change may be mentioned as digital transformation. This digital transformation plays the vital role in automation, engagement, and much more.
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The i ternet is broad and it's a way of communicating or reachoming out with others around the world. But, we have to accept that there are pros and cons of using internet.

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First and foremost The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that are interconnected such as home appliances, vehicles, and other items that are embedded sensors, software, electronics and actuators that enable these items or things to connect together and share data. 

In your home, if you have intergraded appliances, door locks, or heating elements it is easy to access these devices through a mobile app. This really helps if you have forgotten to turn the heater off in a few rooms in your home and you are at work. You can easily go to your mobile app and shut the heater off in these rooms. People are just starting to add these types of devices or appliances to their home. There are many people now who are using electronic door locks that they can easily open from their car using their phone. This is a safety measure and a good way to get safely in your home.  

However, the biggest advantage of IoT is in businesses today. They are the ones who are benefiting from the technology in their manufacturing warehouses. Now the foreman can easily check on how machines are performing and operating. it is easy to increase or decrease production. 

Soon more and more people will start to install these types of devices in their home to help make their life easier. There are some electronic devices that I don't think I'd ever want to use in my home. I'm not so keen on the electronic door locks and having the app on a mobile phone. I feel that people will be able to hack these devices the more people start to use them. But have security cameras set up around your home that can be accessed from your phone when at work is a great idea and that is one I'd surely use. 

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First and foremost, I am able to learn from the internet. Mostly when I have research regarding school work and have searched all the books in the library and got no answer, I always consider using the internet.The only problem with internet answers is that some of the answers are never real and you maybe end up getting the wrong information.

Also, through the internet especially social media platforms, I am able to interact with people. This usually helps me and my fellow introverts.Most of the times am always indoors and do get much time to hang out with friends, Facebook keeps me company all through.

Also, through the internet  people are able to study and get certificates. Am actually thinking of doing a diploma in marketing online, but haven't found the right place yet.

Finally, through the internet, we do get several online earning opportunities. There are several sites we can earn bucks but not big amounts to make one rich.At least the cash can boost someone's economic life.

What I can say is, internet has brought people together as one.
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The internet helps me in a lot of areas in my life. Google is like my best friend and it gives me all the answers I need. Whenever  need to learn something important like in cooking and baking, I refer to the internet and I'm satisfied. This is knowledge I could have paid for elsewhere to learn. 

I'm mostly home and indoors. The internet keeps me abreast with the latest information from, entertainment to sports and politics. It takes me round the world as though I was there really. I'm grateful for the internet, it is a huge part of my life. 
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Internet is my number one source of information. If I come across life time questions that no one can answer you I search on internet for answer. I also do my assignments courtesy of internet. The internet also is the best platform for me to advertise my small scale business. I have meet more customers through internet.

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