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Although I am not married yet, I feel that most challenges couples faced during planning for their weddings is logistical problems. 
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Before any other thing, money that would be used for the wedding planning is the number one priority and source of frustration. 
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Base on my experience though it wasn't special day like big event day for us, we stressing out paper works.

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There are many frustrations before, during and after the wedding. Planning everything is stressful and might take a toll on the couple. For example, making sure everything is confirmed ,that the weather will be good , that the food will be ready and warm. When you have a big party money becomes a big issue as well as dealing with multiple opinions or the lack of interest of the bride/groom.

But you need to choose between having a special moment for you or for the "audience" to see your wedding. Focus on what really mattersand remember less is better. 

Why make such a Wonderful day a pain?
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The frustrations that couples deal with in wedding planning are:

1. Arranging for finance required for a wedding.

2. Try and get a suitable venue for  the wedding.

3. Trying to keep the expenses within the amount budgeted for the wedding.

4. Ensure that all relatives and friends are called/invited to the wedding ceremony. 
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Wedding planning is tricky, it's hard, it's fun, it's emotional it just has its pros and cons but at the end of it all it brings joy and happiness right? That was on a lighter note. I often ask myself why do men shun from wedding planning? Is it fear that grips them? The fear of being pinned down to one person for good? Or is it the fear of failing not knowing what to do. Here is the thing, wedding planning should be the most enjoyable time for a couple, why, this is the time you use to get to know your likes and dislikes, its the time to know your weaknesses and strengths, you also get to spend quality time with your loved one. If you don't fully connect at this point then i don't know what will. That's the positive side of it. The negative side is now the challenges that you have to go through when planning a wedding. When your planning your wedding please, this is free advice for those who are not married, be strong and firm with your decisions otherwise you will end up stressed and frustrated. Remember this is your day make things run the way you want not the way parents or relatives want. You will find the parents probably want a big wedding when all you want is a small personal and passionate wedding. Another thing is transport who should ride with whom and with what, wedding planners the bride may want who does the best decor, and the groom is looking at his pockets, maybe people want an after party when all your thinking of is lets go home finally and rest. The list goes on and on, but the one thing that needs to be realized is you cannot please everyone so sit and agree and let the decisions you make together stick.
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There are lots to mention when it comes to frustrations. The budgeting and planning are the first frustrations. I cannot say one is budgeting and 2 is planning because both goes along hand. On budgeting, once you already started planning, you already know the finances. There are times you want you to have the wedding of your dreams but the budget is not enough for it, so you will find something more cheaper than you expected then another plan will goes along. The plan will always change. Second, the time. Time is limited for those who already have the schedule of their wedding. Sometimes the church they want to attend to their wedding is not available on schedule, it sometimes available but the budget is the problem. Even the people they will invite in the wedding is quite a frustration so I guess there are lots.
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Specifically, the most frustrating challenges faced by couples while planning for wedding are logistics. They are constantly bambarded by the problems of what and what they are to do to make the whole nuptial party successful.

Basically working out the modalities for every arrangement is seriously difficult for the couples. The issue of venue to use for the event. The type of wears they are don particularly the wedding gown for the groom and suite for the bridegroom. The foods and drinks that are to be served on that deal day.

The invitees; who and who they are to invite that will add elegance and grace to the event. Where would be perfect the after church reception is also accounted for. And if possible the honeymoon is also included in the whole grand scheme of things for the wedding planning.
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I have friends who are getting married this coming November and December, and both of them experience difficulties on the same thing: the planning per se. The first thing on the list is the date of the wedding. Honestly, I don't have any ideas as to how couples decide for the date. A lot of things come with deciding for the date such as availability of the venue, the amount of time needed to get all things ready, the schedules of the guests etc. When it comes to guests, they also do take note of the number of people. Will they only invite immediate family members? How many friends are they going to invite? With regard to inviting people, the layout of the invitation also matters, as this should match the theme of the wedding. Some of these may look trivial, but for the couples themselves, these seem as one of the hardest things they need to decide to--not to mention the wedding jitters that they both experience in the course of planning for it.

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The frustration couples use to face during planning for theirdding actually depend on the type of wedding they desire and conditions surrounding the wedding. Some bride and groom who actually are planning for a very simple wedding wont have same problem with people planning a more flamboyant ceremony.

which ever one both simple and flamboyant, basic logistics must be taken care of, money, food, mobility and atmospheric condition of the proposed date are major concern of the wedding. So it is most preffered to get à big hall to take care of the environmental aand atmospheric conditions that might scatter the whole program.

Money as a issue can also be taken care of by cutting coats aaccording to cloths available because life and living must continue after the wedding.
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Wedding planning is more than a frustrating event to be organized because it's capable of throwing someone's balance off its hold and make you feel miserable. There are some things that needs to be taken care of when it comes to wedding planning and believe me that no matter how much you feel that you are done preparing for the wedding, there would still be something which you forget entirely to attend to and on that very day of the wedding, what your response would be when you are reminded of the missed out plan would be, just handle it anyway that you can because your head is completely filled up.

Things like the food, drinks, dress, hall, music, decorations, camera and videos, your in law's welfare, your friends and family members welfare etc are all capable of giving you serious frustration on that day.

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