Is there any way to gain reputation in Stackoverflow or Answeree without answering questions? - Answeree
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Normally on sites like this, the person who answers the question will be recognized by the members of the site. They will upvote your answers or select the one that is the best. You can earn a small reputation on the site by just asking questions and leaving comments in the answers you receive. You can also give likes to the person's answer or select the answer that is the best answer to your question. 

Here on this site, you'll earn badges for the work you do on the site. The badges help to add to your reputation on the site. 

I really feel the best respect you can earn from the site is by asking fantastic questions and if you do answer a question, give the best answer possible. People will start to respect you for your answers and your knowledge. You don't need to answer a ton of questions, just pick and choose the ones that you feel that you can answer. Do a fantastic job and really help the person out. This is the best reputation you can earn on this site or any other site. 
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It takes a bit of time to build up a reputation on any site you belong to but it's satisfying to feel that you have been accepted by a community. I have been here only a short while and I'm still building mine but for every badge, best answer or thanks I get I feel good because I know that someone has read and appreciated what I have written;  but to answer your question you do need to ask and answer questions for people to know what you are really like.

I must admit that I sometimes feel there is a lack of questions that I can personally answer and I wouldn't want to respond just for the sake of earning a few cents but I do enjoy it. I try to ask at least one question a day that I feel many people can relate to because it's important that new questions continue and I notice that the most popular questions seem to be those related to this site or those which ask about relationships. I suppose it's something we all have experience with. 

The one problem I do have here is picking a best answer. Sometimes I like more than one answer and find it hard to choose but I guess that's a good sign because it means that people are writing meaningful content.
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