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Mobile application have made things easier for the world. Take a look at all the mobile applications we have today like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, all these have improved how we use to communicate. 

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Mobile apps influence experience in a good way if they are well planned/designed. If they are poorly designed users will get irritated and definitely not use your services/content. Apps are usually safer, more organized and practical, especially if you are talking ecommerce.

Having a tool to make your purchases easier is a must, whether you are the buyer or the seller. If you intend to have a company selling online make sure you have a reliable app for that.

Also, many people avoid downloading apps for every single thing , unless the app can be really useful you might as well Just have a very good and reliable and responsive mobile page. Ideally have both app and page in good shape.
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Mobile applications are made with the specific requirement of the people. Naturally, it saves the time of the individual who uses a certain application on his mobile for his specific requirement. When an individual is using an application that caters to the need of the ecommerce, it also fulfills the individual's need. Thus it becomes a win-win situation for both. 
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Since 2016 mobile apps have been shaping the way companies do business. When Target created their mobile app, they saw a 200% increase in their sales during Black Friday. There are many different types of mobile apps on the market today. According to one study, people will check their phone over 150 times a day and spend more than 3 hours a day using mobile apps. 

With the increased usage of smartphones and mobile apps, retailers are starting to see a major increase in sales. I think that mobile apps will soon shape the way retailers do business and help the consumer find the products and services they need quicker and easier. As technology advances and people relay more and more on their mobile devices, retailers will need to cater to their needs. Therefore, it is up to them to make a great mobile app that is easy to use for consumers. Mobile apps can cut down some of the steps necessary for purchasing items online. Therefore, they are more convenient for the person to use. This will only benefit the retailers if they can make a user-friendly app for consumers. 
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Due to the evolving technology, smartphones are replacing the old platforms. In fact, at present almost everyone has a smartphone. Shoppers prefer apps to mobile browsers, mobile ecommerce apps boost customer loyalty,reduce response time,increase conversion rates and last but not latest higher average order value.
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The mobile applications are very useful when it comes to bringing live notifications to the users. This enables the businesses and customers to have easy job. The mobile is easy to use and also can fit easily in the pocket and can be easily moved around with and access anytime a person needs to use the app.
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Comfort and convenience is the desire of every body on earth.  Advanced technology as made our buying and selling activities to be more easier with launched of different apps.
I know of online of exchanger that has a mobile app, with this app you can easily place order of either to buy or sell your coins once your order is processed you will be notified and further transactions takes place easily with out moving an inch from your home nor physical contacts this is as a result of e-commerce app.
Some online merchants also have apps where you can place order of your goods or services you required,  after payment is confirmed the goods are shipped to your door step within a short time.
Mobile e-commerce app also enables business owners to keep basic data of their customers such that they can easily contact whenever the need arises.
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Mobile app is the best platform for e-commerce business. Commercial shopping methodology is being outdated. Smartphones and mobile apps are the main reason for this conversion. Ecommerce mobile app gives the same experience as a regular shopping methodology. It is even more sophisticated compared with the regular one. We can view the product, review the product and transaction is easy. Also, we can track the product as well. Currently, augmented reality is implemented with the mobile app. We can experience the product virtually. If we are buying a watch we can virtually experience the product, ie whether it is suitable for us or not. If you are running a retail business or going to start a retail business, e-commerce mobile app is the best choice to boost and attract more customers.

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When it comes to Ecommerce business, there are apps that you can do shopping online. Two examples are Lazada and Shopee. As a consumer, I need to download the app to use the site very easily and comfortably. Downloading the app has a privilege like points that you can convert to mobile load or free game, like Lazada is offering. Mobile app makes shopping more accessible and available. You can drop by the site anytime. Sometimes the website is hard to load if I am using Google to search the site and use the site. App is the easiest to access the site, all the time. It is easy to shop and choose the terms of payment. The app will remember your information and you don't have to fillup the necessary information in order to checkout an item.
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Mobile application is a huge innovation from technology because it practically changed everything from the way we used to know and use them. There are so many mobile applications that we have functional in all smartphone and they can all be downloaded either from Google play store or Apple store.

One of my favorite mobile applications is the banking mobile applications. I'm absolutely sure that all the banks we have in the world today have their banking application, even when they have their internet banking, the normal banking application is made available for those who are not used to internet banking.
Mobile banking makes it very easier to carry out any banking transactions from anywhere in the world without any stress.
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Mobile apps play a major role in everyone's life nowadays. Without mobile apps, nobody would like to use smartphones. There are so many kinds of mobile apps like gaming apps, chatting apps, food ordering apps etc., And the most important one is the e-commerce mobile apps which helps in online shopping. It is a must for all the e-commerce business owners to possess a mobile app to increase the conversion rate and also the average order value. Mobile apps are more user friendly than the mobile browsers and it also improves the user experience. Since there are so many advantages of e-commerce mobile app it's a must for the business owners to have a mobile app.

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Be it a Ecommerce or any other website, mobile application always comes handy. There are several factors which can affect user's web-eCommerce experience. But in case of mobile application all of them just gone. 

And results have shown that mobile application got 37% more engagements than website. 

mobile app development has become the 4th most sought after job-trend on Linkedin. So you can have an idea how Mobile app is must to have in 2020 and in future. 

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