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If I have to put CCTV Camera around my house I will especially outside the front door for copy or to be aware who is outside.

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Well, I think CCTV cameras are necessary especially for home. These cameras are for the security of our assets and family. I think the government must apply the rules of the necessary installation of CCTV cameras because it can be very helpful if there is any mishap or incident.
Let me tell you about 1 incident:
Abou7 months ago I had a theft in my house and it sounds to be funny but the thief takes the outdoor cushions with him. It looks funny but he takes my favorite cushion which really makes me sad. After this, we install a CCTV camera in our house and one day another thief came into our house and tries to enter our bedrooms. Luckily my husband was not sleeping. He ran to him but he succeeds to escape. It is our luck that camera caught that thief and police arrested him within a week. After a long inquiry, I came to know that he was the same person who picks my cushion 7 months ago. I want to kick off his *** but does not do it due to police. He tells me that he had sold that cushions to some person. 
So, by telling this incident I am trying to tell about the importance of CCTV cameras and I will suggest everyone to must install CCTV camera.
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So that we can see what is happening around without our attention, I've decided to add CCTV to my house to add protection to my car. I parked my car outside of my house and I need to monitor it 24 hours for 7 weeks just in case something happens to my car, I have a way to backtrack or check what happened earlier, CCTV saves lots of time and protect our houses or important things for us. Many crimes have been solved by CCTV's recording that is why CCTV is so worthful nowadays
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Many business owners use CCTV in and around their establishments. This helps control property damage, theft, break-in, and allows the business owner to see what is happing in front of their shop. Furthermore, if the establishment is a place of business that collects money or sells good, this helps the owner control his stock against shoplifters or a person stealing money from the register.

Many people today own a nice home and want to feel safe in their home. They install these cameras in and around their home. This helps the property owner protect his property and keep his home safe. 

There are many CCTV online sites that will monitor your feeds 24/7 and can call the police immediately when they see something wrong. This is an added insurance for your home property or place of business. 
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I think we need CCTV cameras to monitor security on our properties. The most crucial place we ought to have CCTV cameras are in schools. A lot of things happen around the schools. For example theft and rape case especially in ladies boarding schools.With the help of CCTV cameras you will be able to find the culprits.

Another place where we need CCTV cameras is work place. In the workplace, you'll be able to monitor how workers are doing there duties and also you protect your stuff from theft.

Finally, it's good to store CCTV cameras in homes although very few people install them at home. Installing CCTV is very expensive and only a few can do that.

What one needs to note is that, CCTV camera don't prevent theft from happening, it only threatens the thieves so that they back off.What one has to ensure is that there's full supply of power and a generator as a back up if you really need to secure your equipment.
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CCTV cameras a very useful to people. They capture the actions being done by the intruders and what they do, this can be used in courts as proofs. CCTV can also scare thieves thinking that they are seen. This can scare them that the CCTV is on but also when it is off someone can be afraid to steal things to use them.
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CCTV serves as a story teller of an actual event. With clear picture it will really help you to investigate a crime and it is part of the things that will solve the crime. However, it will not serve to save the life of the victim but serves to save the life of the future victim. It tells us some mistakes that we should not do again. It gives us a lesson and life's realization to adjust ourselves and decisions. It helps us who to trust and to know the people around us. It shows us everything from the farthest views. Sometimes it is really painful to watch crimes that are caught in CCTV much more if we are a relative of the victim. It is so hard to see what worst had happened to them. It will be a lifelong memory to see it, but I still feel CCTV is really helpful.
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