Example: (beagle, retriever, labradoodle, etc.)
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The German Shepherd dog is my favorite type of dog. Because they are very obedient, loyal, active, alert curious, courageous. I love this kind of dog very much.
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My favorite too. I like it very much. It's a good type of dog and serves to be a protective animal. 
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My Favorite Dog breed would be Rottweiler, Because they're Tough, Well Built to do Hard Work. They're Regarded as an Medium to Large Sized Breed. 

The Dog's were known as Rottweiler in German Metzgerhund, Meaning Rottweiler Butcher Dog's.image  

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I love the golden retriever because its obedient and fun around people. It retrieves newspapers,cuddle babies, also a good protector.
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In my family, we have had dogs of different breeds: german shepherd, puli, poodle. Each of them has been unique, and they have shown gifts that have distinguished each one from the other, they have been loyal, playful, loving, even guardians! But, I have always leaned towards golden retrievers, because they are the love turned or shaped into a dog, just seeing their almond-shaped eyes is enough to die of love, as well as being companion dogs par excellence.
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My favourite type of dog is a Labrador. One of the most friendly and active breed. They are easy to train and very sweet faced.
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I love German shepherd so much. It's fierce yet obedient, loyal and its body size is so amazing. It heeds to instructions and also a good protector. 
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German Shepard is my favorite dog. It is very loyal and hard working. Germen Shepard is most gentle and intelligent. German Shepard is most responsible for family members.
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My favorite dog breed is German shepherd i have brown color German shepherd in my home and its name is winter he is 10 years old now he was just of 6 months when he came to our home and now he is very important part of our family.  
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I have 5 dogs jejeje, 3 chihuahuas and 1 schnauzer and 1 yorkshire terrier. And all depend of the class of dog is you prefer. Respect about me, i love the schnauzer, is a beautifull race, full lovely, theys always show you the big love there feel for you. Yorkshire Terrier is a very lovely race too but not much how the schnauzer and the chihuahuas they very rustic and very protectors.
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Well as a vet student I would say I love those who have longer noses more. Because it's nothing more heart breaking than  seeing a brahiocefalikih dog not being able to breathe. 
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The doberman, german shepard are the dogs I liked the most.belgian malinois is the most faithfull dog. German shepard is most intelligent and protective dog.
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The German Shepherd canine is my number one sort of canine. Since they are exceptionally devoted, faithful, dynamic, alert inquisitive, brave. I love this sort of canine definitely. That is why I love it!!
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When iam open my main gate in the morning some dog are suddenly came to infront of my house for food and iam giving some food as per my capabilities..that type of dogs I love most.thank u.
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Most Favorite dog most 7 beautiful dog

1.golden retriever.

 2.labrador retriever.

3.french bulldog.


4.german shepherd dog.



most popular breeds
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Border Collie: A workaholic, this breed is the world's premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct, and working ability. 
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G.s.h dog german short Hair  dog

It's the best dog in my opinion and not dangerous

We can use him as tool to hunt birds

I don't love dangerous dogs like Rottweilers 
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I do not know why, but I am so fascinated with chihuahuas. I prefer the apple type one because it is so adorable in my naked eyes.
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My favorite dog breed would be the Chow Chow.  These things are so fluffy.  One of the most friendly and active breed. They are easy to train and very sweet faced.
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I have always admired Siberian Husky, these dogs are the most beautiful creature available on this planet, I still remember when I first saw these dogs on television my first thought was beautiful.
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