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My favourite subject at school was English and it's still an important part of my life through my writing. My worst subject was Maths, it was something that just didn't come naturally to me. How about you?
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My favourite subjects were ohysics and maths at school, and i still do like the both subjecs

Therefore I have done my bachelors degree in Physics
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I think any subject can be a worst or a best one depending on how it is delivered by the professor. Even if Math interests me, if the way it is taught is pretty dull, I might actually lose interest and opt to learning things by myself.
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My best subject in school was English. I was so good at it and I scored well. My worst subject was Swahili. It is a language too but I never liked. Though I was good at writing it, the rules of speaking the language was tough for me. 
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I odn't have a favorite subject at all, I like TLE but, sometimes it's boring and tiring too.
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I don't have a favorite subject at all, I like TLE but, sometimes it's boring and tiring too.
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Government or any historical subjects are my favorites when I was still in college and mathematics was and still is my most hated subject. 
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My best subject was mathematics. I would always top in class. My worst was History and Geography.
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I loved English because it helped me speak fluently, and i was also good at it. I hated maths because i wasen't good at it, i tried i always tried my best though, it wasen't easy but i went through it anyway.

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When I was in France I had no problems in school with reading, writing or even math. However, I did excel in math and it was so easy for me to complete the assignments with no problems at all. Then I was sent to school in the United States to learn to read and write English. I hated this subject and felt like such an idiot. I had many problems learning to read or write English. 

I was selected as a candidate for a new Government program for students who had problems with learning how to read or understand English. At this time I was tested in the program and scored a 2nd or 3rd-grade reading level. I hated reading and did poorly in this subject. With the aid of the program, I learned how to read and finally excel in English. It wasn't easy to learn to read English at the age of 15. 

I ended up with a private tutor who helped me to write, read, and do what was necessary for my work. 

One good thing about going to another country for school is that the school I was attending in America allowed me to excel in math and I was taking college level math classes and I did enjoy this so much.
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English was my best subject at school and mathematics was my worst. While I loved English, I hated Mathematics. Somehow, it did not enter my mind and  I could not understand much about it resulting in very poor marks. Whenever learning of maths came up either in school or at home, my mind used to wander.
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My best subject especially in high school was mathematics and chemistry. Especially maths was just a game of numbers and I wouldn't mind revising it over and over.Whenever I felt like sleeping and I wanted to study I'll first do five sums and make sure I got them all right.That's how I would get my appetite to read.For chemistry, I loved it because it was just nature.Especially doing experiments was my favorite part and in fact, the moment I see certain reagents in a single experiment, I will definitely know what the experiment required of me.

My worst subjects were history and Swahili. In fact Swahili is really hard and I could barely score a B. For history, I used to hate it because it required much especially during exams. It required one to have a very strong cramming power since history is a very wide subject with lots of chapters.
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Mathematics was my best subject both primary school and high school. I used to be the best student in maths and I used to understand mathematical concepts very fast compared to others. Up to date am taking a maths course. On the other hand my worst subject was Agriculture. I never performed well in Agriculture and this made me to drop the subject.
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You must be an engineer or a math teacher right now because that is where you good at.

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