In one of my math classes, I had 4 people who sat around me cheating off my exams. I think the teacher finally figured it out because on the next test I was given an exam that was completely different from the rest of the class. Each one of the people who cheated off my exam failed their exam because they had no idea that my paper was different. 

How do you feel when you know for sure a person is cheating to gain money working online, in school, or at work to gain a higher paying job? Does this make you angry when nobody will listen to you when you tell them the truth? 

I really don't like people who cheat and game a system just to profit in their own lives. In the end, they have learned nothing and all they have gained is a lie. 
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Cheating can be nice and take you to higher places. But the question is after cheating and getting that job what happens next, are you going to also cheat your way up at the job place? Yes you can do that but for how long. Cheaters will always be found out, it may take days, weeks, months or even years before you are found out, but you need to stop at some point and ask yourself am i really helping myself? What if one day you are given a task and it turns out you cannot perform it because you have never really learned to do it on your own? What happens then, will you look for the people you cheated from to cheat your way up again? Of course not that's where the truth comes about and thats when all hell breaks loose. The truth always comes out at the end and your the one who will suffer the consequences. Easy can cost you big time climb up the ladder dignified you may fail, but you pick yourself up and you try again. No one has ever died because they failed so you won't be the first.
Its bad but it hurts when it disturbs the life by any mean. As in a session of test i was given the potential of my knowledge but got the lesser marks than the person who cheated the words from me. It was very disturbing to see that the person is on the top even though he has cheated from my paper. It hurts and degrades the lerson
Cheating is now perceived as part and parcel of our lives. Where I am from people cheat with impunity and don't get penalized even when caught. The whole thing sickens me because I know that no progress can be made with cheating. Whether is being perpetuated in schools, offices, online and offline businesses, you just name it. It is unhealthy to the growth and development to not the cheater alone but also to the whole society at large.
I think that if you know a person is cheating that is great. Think about it. You can't really do anything at all about it but it does at least let you know what type of person they are.

At least you know they would probably do something shady to you as well if they don't have ethics or morals.  If they are cheating, don't get upset about it. They are hurting themselves.  They aren't hurting you. You have actually gained by the experience of knowing who they really are.

Once they cheat they are cheating themselves of the knowledge they needed to succeed. So don't get upset.  Smile, knowing you know the real them. Smile, knowing you will succeed because you worked hard to get here. 

Rest assured that you are not the one up at night being bothered because you don't have the knowledge it takes to actually perform the work it took to get to the top.
I did cheat when I we were taking an exam with out Accounting subject. There are group of us friends setting together and we exchange papers to answer the some numbers of questions that we know

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I have a feeling that this question relates to cheating in a relationship so this is what I will base my answer on.

It is hard to sit and watch a person cheat on a friend and not be able to help but sometimes it is best to let them sort it out themselves and not interfere.

However, if you are the person who is being cheated on and don't know how to handle it the best way is to confront your partner, sit down and talk and find out what has gone wrong. Ask if there is any way you can work together to put things right.  It's a horrible situation to be in and often very painful so don't give up without a fight.
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I was referring to online cheating to earn money or cheating to gain a job position.
I wasn't sure how to interpret it but as there had been some other posts relating to cheating I thought it might be about this.  You could be right.
I know of several websites online that have closed down because they could no longer afford to pay people. There was a lot of cheating going on and the company didn't take appropriate actions against these people. In the end, they lost everything. What made me angry is the people who were cheating didn't care about the website or anyone who worked there. They were only concerned about how much much they could cheat the site out of. 
Well, no harm done, we answered to the best of our ability with the information we had. It could well be about people cheating websites. It must be a really difficult problem to deal with for all sites because there are plenty of dishonest people about who spoil it for the rest of us.
It can be harmful and not only to the website owner but to other members on the site. Some people work on sites because they actually need extra money for their family. When a source of income is cut off this makes it difficult to find another company online to work for. I know many single parents who don't receive child support and the only way they can get the extra money they need is by working at home at night on some different websites to earn money. It could be as a call center or even a writing site. No matter what it is when a person cheats the site so badly that they close down their door this effect more than just one person. I get really upset when I see this happening and it is so hard to make people see it. 
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I feel bad when People cheat a system. Most of all for them. They feel they are smart but it really is stupidity. Cheating doesn't make them smart because they end up not learning the basic ideal thing that would be useful in future. It is so embarrassing when you are expected to know something or do something and you can't. It is classless to cheat. It only gives immediate gain but in the long run you'll have nothing to show for it. 
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Thanks, but I was basically referring to cheating online to gain money. This is both wrong for the website you're working on and the members of the site. So many sites have closed down because a person has cheated the site out of money. 

Oh I see. It wasn't quite clear. Cheating to earn online is equally deceitful and shouldn't be condoned. 
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I would wish to know which cheating are you talking about?  Is it cheating in a relationship, cheating in exams or which one? But I'll talk about both. In the examination scenario I have come across so many people who cheat in exams. Infact in any exam we do at least ten must cheat. But I have come to realize that those who cheat they don't even perform. What they have done is they have limit their thinking capacity and they have lost trust in themselves and what they can do is to come up with cheating techniques. So I don't bother anyone who is cheating cause I know the person aint going far.  In case of a relationship If I see a person cheating on my friend I think I'll caution my friend on the same.
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I think everyone has missed the question or not read it correctly. I was basically talking about cheating on a site to earn money. I've seen many sites close because of this. 
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Something good with me, am always minding my own business.For instance, back in campus, lots of people cheat in exams so much and have seen several people I know being expelled because of that.What I usually tell my classmates, better get a retake than being expelled and ruin your life because no government institution can allow you in my country.

About cheating in online working site, I still always mind my own business. Besides most of the people we are working online together we don't know each other at all. I once worked in bmf and there was this member who used to report people for posting thrash content.The funny thing is that he was even bragging about it and posting that he'll even continue reporting them till all the trash is eliminated.Finally, he ended up being banned not even warned and his ban was never uplifted and that's how he said byee to bmf.In this online world you don't know anyone and how much they're struggling to make it up to the site.Confronting someone and telling them what they're doing isn't good is better other than reporting. If they don't change, then you can go ahead and report them.

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The question is dealing with working online and cheating a company out of money. That is the reason some really good sites have closed down. 
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I feel very bad about it. At the same time, as long as that person's behavior does not affect our personal life in anyway, it is better for us to keep quite. If it affects our personal life in anyway, then we should try to avoid all dealings with him and ignore him in all respects in our own interest. 
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That's right just ignore them, if they can't fight fair then you will lose your respect to them,
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I fell helpless definitely as I can't do anything to prevent the cheating person from doing his misdeeds. However I must try my best to bring his morality back. 
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This type of situation is very disheartening, when people cheat to gain advantage above you. This is a regular occurrence in schools in my country, but in developed countries where there have camera in classes and very strong invigilation during test and exams it is a bit reduced. 
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I was able to track and catch my cheating spouse with the help of webhubghost (@) gmailcom. Reach out to him if you need similar service 
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While in high school, there were these two boys who would tie in number one always from form one each and every term. One day while doing exams I saw them exchanging papers. I felt so bad and vowed not to let a word out but do my best. Fortunately, they were caught and bye bye to being number one they never saw it again until we finished school. Cheating isn't good at all. They lost the teachers and students trust. 
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I will embarrassed, shame and I will do anything possible to leave that relationship because many people a there looking for true relationship
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We cannot change someone's character, if they choose to do that for taking advantage to someone just let it happen. You cannot take a good man down although they try to do such things. 
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If someone is cheating the best way is actually to talk to your partner. If you cannot confront your partner about the cheating practice better to end your relationship because that is not healthy at all both in your mental and physical health. 
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the worst feeling that happens in our life getting cheated by someone. when if someone is our close one then the feelings will be very high. it makes us weak and always makes us think about the same thing that happened. and the most thing that happens is thinking about how to take revenge on that person but leaving it for own karma is the best revenge.
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