Have any of you ever experienced dream paralysis where you felt someone's presence, so real that you are confused yourself was that a dream or real and you don't have any proof or evidence for the conclusion?
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You may still get Deliverance from any evil but dream paralysis can paralyze someone,s dream totally, that's why you must not be joking or playing with your dream life, it is through your dream life you will be able to accomplish your purpose in life
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What you mean by saying " you should not play with your dream life" because dreams are not pre-planned, at least not mine. 
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Dreams are visions presented to us while sleeping. It might be a foreseeable events that can happen to us. It also symbolizes something that is bound to happen. Hence getting interpretation for our dreams is very important. 
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Some persons have dreams in which they are paralyzed but sometimes evil spirits can attack persons in their sleep so in my opinion both of these experiences are real. It is best to ask for the Lord's protection before we go to sleep so that we can be protected in our hours of rest.
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One of my very close friend and i am so sure that he won't lie to me often get bad dreams and he once told me that he felt that paralysis and let me tell you the whole story of what happend with him. He was sleeping and was watching a very bad dream in which he saw a witch you can say that because he described a woman in white dress who was asking for his help and he was in a house with her and when he got close to her she said something that i don't remember and after that his nighmare ended because he woke up suddenly but soon he said he felt unseasy and felt presence of someone around him and he moved his eyes here and there but he wasn't able to move his body , he said he tried to scream but no words came out of his mouth his mother was sleeping at a distance from him he tried to reach out to her to call her but he was in a state of paralysis and he said that he felt someone was holing on a grip onto him. When he narrated me this i laughed at him but since he id my dear friend i don't think he will lie to me. So i haven't till now exoerienced this thing but i think it's true. And there are many scientific reasons behind that too although this story of mine doesn't match up with any. 

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