Have you ever faced a situation when things go against your expectation, what should one do to keep their faith strong and unshakeable. When do you know God is good, what he does for you is always for good but you don't see any good in the situation or just trying to look for good and it seems very hard?
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When things go unplanned you feel low because of unexpected circumstances and situations. It tend us to make us feel defeated, broken, stressed, dejected and fearful. But sometimes unpredictable situation land us to entirely a new path which we have never thought of. Because there are bigger plans made by god which are far better than you could have ever imagined.
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Hoep, faith, prayer and being consistent in your believe in God. Even though we may face very difficult situations and wonder if God is really there. We should never doubt His presence and love for us. No evil formed can go against us and no temptation is above our control. Keep your faith and believe  God will never forsake you. 

Sometimes we give up but we need to be strong always. 
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