Heaven is real and hell is real also so prepare yourself to know where you belong
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As you have said above, both places are real and us as human beings, we have never been there it's only by gmfaith that we do believe we will inherit heaven. From the word of God that is the Bible, hell is a place full of wrath, suffering and all sorts of discomfort such as diseases and  hunger. 
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Some religions believe different things about hell. I guess a bad person would have to die to see which believe is correct.
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Hell can be described as a deep pit or land of shadows where the dead gathered. Hell is the place where unrepentant sinners stay. In another word, hell is an afterlife location in which evil souls are subjected to punitive suffering, often torture, as eternal punishment after death.
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This is the traditional view held by predominantly Catholics and some protestant churches. I wish it is not true.
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 i think hellfire is a real, sure place. where people will be punished for eternity. some will suffer more than others depending on the gravity of your sins and it's impact on the society at that time
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It is believed that there are various chambers in hell with the worst chambers reserved for the vilest of sinners.
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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near: He Wants Us to Be Prepared for His Arrival” is meant to encourage, inform, and inspire readers to build upon their faith and connect or reconnect with God. Sarah A. Jones is an Ambassador for God the Father; Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and has a heart for all people.
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There are three traditional views of hell. The first is known as sinners going through eternal conscious torment. The second is known as annihilationism where it is believed that the sinners perish for all eternity by going through a process of unquenchable fire. The third view is called universalism where hell is there for a restorative rather than a retributive purpose.
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