There is a way someone needs to prepare himself on earth now for him or her to be able to make heaven at last
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We have been created by God to be Co creators with Him. Take care of His creation and glorify Him. God gave us His word the Bible so that we can use it as a guide. Through it, it has stipulated all the things we need to do the ten commandments are key to helping us live according to His will. And as Jesus promised, He has a wonderful place for us in Heaven who follow His word and do according to God's will. 
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Life is a difficult journey at times where our destination is to make it to heaven.
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whether the fate of man is predestined or he himself is the architect of it , is a question in both these verses destiny impiies the inward reach of things, their latent

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Some persons believe that God predestined some persons for heaven while others believe that people have to make a choice to live a righteous life so that they can make it to heaven.
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Absolutely, it depends on which religion you follow and and the good deeds you do and weather it is accepted in the afterlife. you have to do your research with honesty and objectively
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Each religion have different requirements to make it in the afterlife so I guess it's up to your preference which one you want to follow to make it to heaven.
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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near: He Wants Us to Be Prepared for His Arrival” is meant to encourage, inform, and inspire readers to build upon their faith and connect or reconnect with God. Sarah A. Jones is an Ambassador for God the Father; Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and has a heart for all people.
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Although the second coming of Christ is near it is getting more difficult to prepare for heaven because of the desires of worldly living.
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One can make heaven by living a God fearing life on earth. This can be done by keeping the commandments of God and having a personal relationship with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
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