How to initiate payment request on I cannot seem to reach out the Admin.
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You can reach the Answeree Administration by contacting them on their email: *Emails are not allowed*

Email them about your query to initiate payment and they will respond in due time. However, please keep in mind that they will not start paying before you reach your goal points. 
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After reaching the minimum required threshold that 2000 points for new members and 5000points for old members you can use the private message bar found in your profile to talk to the admin and request for a payout. 
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if you are not able to find the admin , simply go to the members tab , and search for the user , in this case , answeree . And that's it , click on that profile -> private message -> ask for withdrawal 
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You can find the link to admin for sending private message is by clicking on answeree rewards page at the bottom of answeree home page. On sending the request the admin will give out the payments. You have to reach the minimum threshold of 2000 points.
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You click on your profile page on a thing called earnings or eligible. I haven't done that but I know that is what you need to do inorder to withdraw you money. You can also try sending the admin a private message and see if he procceses the payment soon. 
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