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I had a very heated argument with my neighbour over her daughter and my granddaughter. We were both being protective and said some terrible things to each other. We got on so well in the past but now we don't speak at all. Is this repairable, what should I do?
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You both can always solve the problem. It is but normal for two person to have issues. Just swallow your pride band start greeting even if the person doesn't reply. There is popular saying in my tribe"one person must be fool while other is wise for peace to rain"

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Time is the best healer of all. If you had have a good relationship with your neighbor, the sourness will eventually diminish. Plus, the argument started through kids, so with all possibilities, it could end up with their initiatives.  

Children are less egoistic. Hopefully, your granddaughter will forget everything after a few days. She will again start communicating with your neighbor's daughter. Thus, it will work as an initial icebreaker, and it would be easier for you to patch up than onward. You might get surprised to know that your neighbor was equally eager to fix the situation. 
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Yes you can be friends again.Neighbours are very important people. What you should do is, go to her first then ask for forgiveness even if you're innocent. What should avoid is bringing the whole drama up because she might get irritated, just stick to the point of apology. Even if she's not in moods to talk to you, am pretty sure she'll forgive you because both of you have calmed down.

After some days start by greeting her and if the converse goes on well, you can start with stories if you're a fan.Within one month, things will be back to normal. But if she's persistent and does want to forgive you.You should keep on pressing hard and she will finally give in.

The most crucial thing here is saying "sorry". Most people end up ruining their relationships because of the word " sorry".

Neighbours are very important people in our lives.Remember, no man is an island.
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Considering this is really bothering you right now and it is very upsetting, I would reach out with a kind jester. Making her a cake, some cookies or even giving her a plant can break the ice and get the two of you talking again. You have explained the problem so well here in your question, I feel like you can use this to start the conversation with her. 

You can knock on her door and offer her a kind jester and explain how bad you feel over the argument that you had. Let her know that you are a bit overprotective of your granddaughter and you are so sorry that it got in the way of your friendship. Let her know how much you miss talking with her and how you wish this could all be put behind and you could be friends again. 

I'm sure she will have a real soft spot in her heart when she sees that you have brought her a cake or even cookies. She might even invite you in to have coffee with her and share a piece of cake. 

I had disagreements with good friends and even though I was only defending myself and they got angry, I have reached out to them with a kind jester so we can talk again and it is a good icebreaker. 

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