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Every career are important in industry, so I guess business related is part of it since those are the one who will make the business works

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I think the food industry like hotel management is marketable if taken seriously. It has not failed for the longest time. There are many opportunities in this industry, considering its growing every other day, people are getting more and more innovative when it comes to food. You can never go wrong with this industry because food is a necessity to everyone. People have to eat to survive, so the more hotels there are, the more you get to know about food, and the more creative you get. You can learn so much in the hotel industry, its not just about food, there is the front office where you get to learn how to deal with people of all cadres, then there is the food and beverage side which will teach you patience if your the type of people who react too fast without much thought, your character will change, there is the aspect of keeping clean and tidy both in your sorroundings and yourself. You learn different techniques in the kitchen on presentation and cooking skills, and so on. We have the house keeping and laundry department thats all about cleanliness and hygiene which is important everywhere you go. There is storekeeping, bartending( for lack of a better word). A lot can be learned and by the time you are leaving there you have enough skills to take you to the next level. It only takes focus and determination, if you have this two you are good to go. After a while you can now decide to major in one particular area and grow from there.

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