Do any of you ever experience a situation that whatever you had seen in your dream actually took place in your real life, and you just don't know how to react?
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Dreams are a result of your subconscious mind. Whatever you think or feel affects your mind. Sometimes, when you have a dream, you start believing in that dream and your behavioral pattern changes accordingly. This may lead to the dream actually becoming a reality. This can be a bit frightening. There is a concept of Precognitive dreams . These dreams give you information about what will happen in the future. I once had a dream about scoring 87 percent in a particular exam and the next day, I actually scored 87 percent. Also, similar kind of events occurred that I had dreamt before. It was a shocking as well as surprising for me.
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Can we change it? I mean is it possible to change it? What I experienced was, I knew this has happened before in my dream. Still, I react and speak way even after knowing this same thing has taken place before and this part is the most irritating, confusing, and at the same time frightening.
Yes. You can change it by reacting in a different way. You really need to be calm in such situations. It may be confusing but is natural. It's all your subconscious mind that is playing with you. 
Did you personally ever tried to change it? Did it worked, and if yes in such a situation how you manage to keep yourself calm, because I feel like this situation is out of my control.
Well, this happened to me only once. However, I have friends who have shared similar experiences with me. If u calm yourself down and try to react positively, you won't be frustrated or terrified. 
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Yes! It can be very frightening and confusing. They are called predictive dreams. Studies done say that when we dream of something, we begin to believe in the probability of the outcome of our dream. As a result, we change our behavior because we consider the dream to be a reflection of the most likely outcome, which becomes very life-like in the dream state.
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Dreams sometimes come to pass. It is always said dreams that happen in the morning usually can come  to pass. It can be frightening sometimes. 
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It is the night of 2012 in which i see that i'm doing preparation for any big exam and in present time it comes true that i'm preparing for civil services examination so you can say that not every dreams come true in your future but there is only 1 to 2% chance of coming it true in future of everyone's life.
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Yes I experienced such situation before.when I was at my high school grade I had a bad dream that my elder father had died after I woke up I received bad new news from home that my elder father had really died that's when I realized that dreams can actually be true. 
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When a dream becomes reality it is an indication that everything is connected. All synchronicities or coincidences are events of connectivity.

When you think of someone and they text or call you, it is because in an unseen way you are connected.
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