What are the top or best 25 books based on the supernatural love stories that one should read? While suggesting the book please highlight the point, why I should give that book a try?
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The top best books based on supernatural love story.

1. Discovery of witches by deborah harkness - It is about diana bishop who takes her heritige for granted. If you are looking for Harlequin romance meets twilight then you can read this book and give it a try.

2. A hunger like no other by kresley Cole -Lachlain MacRieve, spent years being tortured by vampries. Recommended to readers who like a story with so many different supernatural beings . Its basically the monster mash.

3. A queer trade by K.J charles - Tredarloe returns to London and discovers his master has been murdered and all of the masters papers have been stolen. Good for readers who are looking for shorter supernatural romance.

4. Angels blood by nalini singh - Angel blood provides a fascinating approach to two types of beings often over-used and underdeveloped. Recommended to all who likes demons and angels.

5. Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett - If you prefer something stronger to drown your sorrow is, then  consider cozying up with bitter spirits. Strongly recommended to all.

6. Eternity by Tmonique stepens - Being immortal has made finding love a difficult task for the incredibly handsome Roman Nicolis. Each time he finds love, he loses her. Give it a try.

7. The Vampires slave by zara novak - The sexy, intriguing stranger has been waiting to get his hand on Claire because she has the special gift of being able to breed with vampires. Must try for everyone.

8. Halfway to the grave by jeaniene frost - The night hutress world is well planned and easy to follow. Once you started reading it is difficult to put down. This book is fun and quick to get through with just right amount of quirk, flirt and dirt.

other you can try -

9. Dark witch by Nora Robert.

10. Daughter of the blood by anne bishop

11. Dead witch walking by kim harrison

12. Dragon bound by Thea Harrison

13. Firelight by Kristen callihan

14. Guilty pleasure by Laurell K hamilton

15. kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

16.Kiss of steel by Bec Mc Master

17.Lord of fading Lands by C.L Wilson.

18. Magic bites by Ilona Andrews

19.Moon called by Pactricia briggs

20. Once Burned by jeaniene frost

21. Shadow rider by christine  feehan

22. Slave to sensation by nalini singh

23.Some girls bite by chloe neill

24.Soullness by gail carriger

25. The care and feeding of stray vampires by molly harper.
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Thank you, for your great effort. From your suggestion, I guess you are a book lover. Did you read all these books by yourself? If yes which one of these books is your favorite?
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