What are the best phrases to use at the workplace? That makes you sound kind and polite, even in the most drastic situation.
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A work place is equitted to another social place where people meet and interact  at various levels and use of skills to achieve the organization goals. People coming from various walks of life have different ways of doing things and as such you can use phrases like excuse me, pardon me, may I, I am sorry.among others. 
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Do you have any suggestions to avoid irritating people in the workplace? I have a few colleagues who are not bad but are definitely very irritating, by age, they are older than me and always tell me this is how you do, this is how should not do and it very irritating.
Handling such people might be difficult but not impossible. You can simply nod your head when they say something but at the end, you do what you please. You cannot avoid them as they interact with you every day. Hence, this is the best technique that you can use. 
For me I tend to ignore some and even I don't argue much with them. They talk I listen but if it's something that can't help me definitely I wouldn't do. Since some people are just fond of directing everything and it's irritating. 
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It is very important to create a good impression at workplace for career growth. First of all, you need to be polite when you talk to people. Remember, there can be a difference in perspective's but you can state your point politely. Also, good communication skills , helpful and friendly behaviour makes you more approachable. No matter how drastic a situation is, put a smile on your face, be humble and then present your point.
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But, what should I do if they have already prepared their mind to cut me in every opinion, just because I'm a newcomer and they are old, and top of that I'm always polite and avoid arguments.
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