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Wants to come across the marketing strategies used for restaurants. Also, wants to discuss successful restaurant marketing campaigns people have worked on?
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Hi there! Think about some promotional items for your campaign. You can make some cool lapel pins on for example which will help you get more clients I think. What are your thoughts on it?

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SMS marketing for restaurant is more effective and successful than the others forms of marketing strategies because it reach to large audience in a short time of interval. Through text messages, promoting and publicize the coupons and combo meals offers with the customers and engage them towards your business.

For successful restaurants campaigns,

  1. Don’t send same messages within a week.(Don’t Spam)
  2. Use short code messages, don’t write in detail.
  3. Instantly reply the customers queries

Send text messages on right time within 9:00 AM – 6:00PM

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Restaurant marketing need sharing links on social media, I have a friend on Facebook that owns a restaurant and she market her business by uploading her well prepared dishes for people to be aware of and one  can make an order either online or offline if one is in her location to eat
I think using the social media such as the Facebook and Instagram is a great way of marketing iones restaurant at least one is able to make a wider audience have a fair knowledge about his or her service.

Sending out emails is another good way of marketing the restaurant business. The emails could be send out with the pictures of the delicacies to let people have a great look of what one offers.
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With the advent of social media, I don't think marketing a product, such as restaurant could be that hard. It all depends on how unique the food is with regard to all other foods in the area.

There's this newly established burger restaurant near our place that's attracting a lot of customers. What they did is to name their products according to people's emotions. Hence, almost all of their products get a fair amount of sales. Moreover, during their 1st year anniversary, they decided to sell their burgers for only a penny each. And they did this again during their 7th anniversary. With these type of promotions, it's like give free tastes but you somehow earn and get to attract more people through word-of-mouth.

The key is to carefully strategize your plans on advertising based on the current trend.

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