Every country has a different National Sport. However, which is the most common and loved sport all over the world?
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1. Golf- about 60 million people around the world play golf.

2. Baseball- It is played in over 140 countries.

3. Table tennis- an estimated 300 million people worldwide.

4. Cricket- Played around 125 countries.

5. Tennis- About 60 million men and women play all around the world.

6. Basketball- Estimated around 450 million people around the world.

7. Volleyball- Estimated about 998 million people around the globe.

8. Field hockey- Played over 100 countries and 5 continents.

9. Badminton- Estimated about 200 million people around the world.

10. Soccer- Estimated around 265 million people.
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Which sport do you follow personally? Do you play sports yourself or are just a fan of any particular sport? 
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For me I do think that the common sport in many countries is football. This can be seen from the enormous number of teams registered in each country that plays football and am also a fan of the same. 
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