What does science say about death?
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Thanatology is the scientific study of death and the losses brought about as a result.

Biologists have tried to answer ‘what is life’ and ‘what is death’ but so far no exact scientific answers have been formulated or accepted. Now if I am not wrong, there are actually hundreds of definitions to what death is, but none is fully acceptable or satisfying to everyone, and this remains a controversial topic.

The case with ‘what is life’ is even more weak. Again, scientists have not been able to come up with a scientific definition. Answering these questions is an ongoing effort, but so far, no concrete answers are available in biological science.
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Death is part of life. But soul never dead. It changed body like man Change clothes.

When human body stop function it is called death.
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According to me, death is when mind and heart completely stops functioning. It's a very scary concept. For some, it may be natural while for some, it may be unnatural. You can never predict when death will come to you. But, we shall never forget that you only live once is a wrong phrase.You live everyday and die only once. Hence, one should live life to the fullest. 
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Scientifically death is caused when the heart stops beating and there is no supply of oxygen to the brain and the body cells. It results to toxicity of the carbondioxide thus suffocating the cells. 
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