The sun is made up of hydrogen. What if all the hydrogen in it is used up?
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Hydrogen has many uses here on the earth. Depleting it from the sun can be fatal. It can get to situation which no man can control hence I prey it doesn't happen. 
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Have you ever imagine a world without the sun? I mean nowadays lots of things are going around us which is unpredictable.
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You already know that the sun contains atoms of hydrogen which are continuously fusing into helium. So if all the hydrogen is converted to helium then the inner core of sun contracts and 

outer layer will get expand.

After that it will be converted into giant .
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So, it is possible that one day, such time will occur, when all hydrogen will get used up and there will be no sun?
Nothing can be said about that.

It  depends on God.

Hope that may not happen!
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