There are many instant energy drinks and some of them have diet versions of them too. What is actually these beverages doing in a human body? Is it good to consume these drinks like Pepsi, Coke etc?
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Coca Cola is NOT an energy drink. Coca Cola has roughly around 140 calories per can and roughly 40 grams of sugar. Diet Coca Cola has zero calories and zero sugars. Diet is safer to be honest, however, is can sometimes cause cravings for sugar, but this can be controlled with moderation of consuming diet pops.
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 Coco cola isn't good for health ,it's definitely give us health damage ,it contains lot of calories when you consume them it leads to obesity ,the caffeine does a lot harm for the person who consume it.

I don't even trust diet coke ,people say it's better to drink diet coke, more or less it also leads to health problems .So it's better to avoid these drinks as much as we can and so that we can stay healthy by avoiding these drinks.
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Yes they're hazardous to our health especially in our brains.Most of these coca cola drinks(sodas)are very destructive, the amount of sugar used for each drink is almost 1/4 of the sugar. That's only the 500ml bottle.Assuming you consume those two bottles of soda everyday,that will be equal to 1/2 kg of sugar in your body everything.

The effects of sugar in the body are tremendous for example, your memory capacity will be disturbed and you'll tend to have slow thinking capacity and you will not be able to remember things that happened in the near past.Am not sure if this is the same sugar at at times contributes to diabetes, still researching.
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I know some people who are still alive up until now drinking sodas everyday (esp. the coca-cola) She cannot survive  not drinking coca cola 1 or 2 bottles a day which I find so hazardous in her health. 

As for me, soda is one of the hazardous drinks that we consume for our health. The sugar being added is already health threatening (can cause diabetes). The acid content can trigger the hyper acidity people. Much safer to stay on the healthier side as it is our health we are risking too. 
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Not only the brand Coca cola, but all the soft drinks that contain too much sugar. I remember one video. They put pepsi in a can. They boiled it. What makes me shock is the amount of sugar remains once it get boiled. That is the amount of sugar this soft drinks is giving our body. One of the reason of diabetes, type 2 to be specific is drinking too much sweets from soft drinks and fruit juices. Better avoid drinking those kinds of drinks before it is too late. You don't need to have diabetes before avoiding it. Avoid it now and might as well drink tea or water. Water is the best fluid intake we should have. Drink water as much as your body is needed.  Too much sugar also clogged our veins where the blood could freely flow. Of course, they will not freely flow if already clogged. Water is the only fluid that will flush out toxins from the chemicals from foods that we eat. That include drinking soft drinks too.
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Looking at this question from health perspective, it is not an ideal thing to drink any of these soft drinks, be it coca cola, energy drink, Pepsi, soda, just to name a few. All these drinks are ladened with unwholesome substances that are deleterious to one's health. And continuous consumptions of them makes one vulnerable to the weakening of the immune system.
This is attributed to the fact that these drinks adds nothing beneficial to the overall functioning of the human body. If you are observant enough, you would notice that the drinkers of these drinks often fall ill. Why? Because their immune system is not strong enough to combat sickness and diseases invading their body.

More importantly, these drinks are packed with chemicals that can shorten one's life. And the sugar content in them can spike one's blood sugar level leading to diabetes. Obesity and heart diseases are not left out of the equation of the risks involve in the intake of these drinks.
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Its not hazardous to health actually. It has more amount of calories which makes it not beneficial for the body. However, if consumed in a limited quantity and not regularly it is safe to drink it.
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Consuming coca cola in larger quantity may lead to diabetics, heart disease and high blood pressure. Coca Cola is banned in my country. 
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Coca cola has soda and the caffiene. And both are not good for you. And in turn all of that adds up in case of the health issues. So make sure to consume the caffiene in moderation. Hopefully you should only consume when you want to be good with some digestion specific needs.
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One thing for sure, if you keep on drinking Coca-Cola, you will gain weight. There are some diseases that you can acquire from it, such as diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer, etc. The incurable disease is diabetes mellitus. So we need to control ourselves in having them in our system.
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I don't even trust diet coke ,people say it's better to drink diet coke, more or less it also leads to health problems .So it's better to avoid these drinks as much as we can and so that we can stay healthy by avoiding these drinks
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Pokkalai is alcohol which makes our body intoxicated. Moonlight in our body. It digests food. We should not even drink this. It has many advantages but also many disadvantages. The disadvantage is that it does a lot of damage in our body. Its advantage is that it repels food in our body. This does not give us acidity. Thank you!
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Coca cola isn't good for health. It contains extra calories even for the one claimed to be zero, it's just that the sugars have been made not be felt by the human tongue. I prefer you go for fresh fruit juices. 

Cocal cola can dissolve a tooth if put in a glass for two to three days. It's toxic
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